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Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi-Google ads is an online advertisement service provider. It allows the user to create online advertisements that may be designed to reach the target audience who are interested in the products or services which the user can offer.

This means that every time the advertisement is clicked, the user employing the services of google ads must pay a certain amount. With the rise in the level of competition in this field, choosing the best Google Adwords Marketing services in Delhi” is a difficult task.

Google Ads Marketing Services Provided by Leadzap

Google Ads Marketing Services Provided by Leadzap 

Leadzap is one of the top Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi. It offers some of the finest services and features of a Google ads marketing agency. Here are a few of the many services provided by Leadzap.

Search advertising is an important advertising strategy, especially in conjunction with Google Ads, and can be utilized to reap maximum benefits. To do this, the agency must work in tandem with the partner company and keep 100% transparency.
Extensive keyword searches, competitor analysis, monthly reports, management, testing, and marketing strategies play a major role in search advertising.

By selecting a display advertising package, the agency presents the advertisement to different websites and blogs. This helps in increasing the range of targeted audience as well as introduce the product or service to new audiences.
Leadzap utilizes the latest techniques, remarketing tools, and analysis methods that enhance display advertising and the user can obtain complete benefits and maximum traffic generation off of the advertisements.

Video advertisements are considered some of the most alluring types of advertisements in the digital marketing industry. The video adds a personal touch and makes a genuine connection with the customer or viewer so they can relate to the service or product and know exactly what they want.
The video can be played by default before a YouTube video and can be tailored to be skippable or un-skippable. These ads can also be suggested along with websites or search pages and even social media platforms.

Leadzap | Best Google Adwords Marketing Agency in Delhi/India

Leadzap | Best Google Adwords Marketing Agency in Delhi/India

Best Google Adwords Marketing Agency in Delhi

Leadzap is one of the best Google Ads Marketing Service Providers in Delhi, NCR. It is said that a company’s success is seen by its history. Leadzap has more than 25 happy clients who can vouch for Leadzap’s integrity. Leadzap helps small business owners and helps them achieve new heights.

Apart from google ads marketing, Leadzap specializes in SEO Services, website development, business operations, and leadership building. Leadzap helps in restructuring the business model to a personalized format which is essential for all businesses.

Within six months, Leadzap helps in generating revenue in 7 figures. Leadzap has features of automated Leads generation which greatly helps in marketing strategies.

The operating system is developed where the business flow is processed with ease and all protocols are strictly followed. Leadzap helps in automating the business which greatly helps in achieving new heights for the company.

Moving on to technical standpoints, Leadzap helps in digitizing the business which helps it make an impact across all digital platforms. Leadzap creates a cost-effective digital presence with strategies of social media marketing, website development as well as real-time campaign management.

Leadzap values the time and money of clients and unlike most Top Google Ads Marketing Agencies around the world, and proves its commitment by imposing a penalty upon delayed delivery. Leadzap understands the requirements of small businesses and does not depend on third parties for information to assist the business.

To completely utilize google ads, a company must get more calls to their business, increased visits and this can be achieved by higher website traffic. Leadzap provides the means to achieve such goals by its enhanced Google Ads Marketing techniques. Among the other best Google ads marketing companies situated in Delhi, NCR

Leadzap is the leading online marketing company as it specializes in all aspects of the digital world. The multitude of factors taken into account by Leadzap is fascinating as it covers nearly all of them from SEO to Google Ads, Leadzap has it all.

4 Main Features You Must Look For While Hiring a Google adwords Marketing agency in Delhi

4 Main Features You Must Look For While Hiring a Google Adwords Marketing Agency in Delhi

Choosing the right Google Ads Marketing company can require a little research. After all, you are investing in your company’s future in it. To help you choose the right company, here are 4 main features you must look for while hiring a Top  Google Ads Marketing Company.

Paid Search Marketing | Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi

Paid Search Marketing is a tool used by experienced people mainly. Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) has more than 13 years of experience in the field and they are highly qualified to correctly utilize Paid Search Marketing to its fullest.

Leadzap works with the company to customize a strategy tailored to the requirements of the business. This will lower the CTR and increase conversions exponentially. Campaign monitoring is also done to scope out new areas for improvement. This ensures an ongoing increase in website traffic and rules out the possibilities of stagnancy.

This is useful for all types of businesses and it also helps ongoing campaigns that receive a boost or enhancement to keep moving forward. Thus, professional assistance is required for further analysis and personalized marketing strategies.

Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company ) has years of experience running such strategies. They are based on Google and Bing search campaigns and these time-tested strategies are implemented in the business owners’ campaign to secure the most profits.

Remarketing and Retargeting

These features allow the business to target customers who have previously used that particular service. Sometimes these customers require a little bit more convincing. Remarketing and retargeting campaigns provide further assistance to these customers and help them going forward with the service or product.

Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) creates unique remarketing strategies that are customized for each business according to individual needs, to re-design the strategy to maximize conversion potentials.

Leadzap helps reignite the interest of the audience and propagate them down the marketing funnel. Campaigns are optimized by audience segmentation as well as writing ad copy and designing creative methods to attract potential customers. This enhances the conversion rate and optimizes profits.

Google Shopping Campaigns | Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi

This helps display the product via the ad right in front of the targeted audience’s eyes. The business’s product will be displayed at the top of the search results related to the keyword or key phrase used. Thus, an advantage is gained over competitors since the business’s product will be displayed above others and audiences will gravitate more towards it.

Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) sets up such campaigns for all companies with high-quality photos, engaging video advertisements, and enticing copy which allures customers and motivates them to make a purchase or use the service provided by the company.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

Smaller Google ads company or inexperienced companies tend to overlook landing page and focus only on display ads. It should be noted that after capturing the interest of a customer with the ad, the customer needs to visit the website and make a purchase.

This is where web-designers and content writers enter. At Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company ) there are plenty of professionals who have a great deal of experience in creating landing pages to engage customers thoroughly to obtain the best results and not just generate high website traffic but also generate high sales. 

Why Choose LEADZAP Over Other Google Ads Companies?

Why Choose LEADZAP Over Other Google Ads Companies?

Why Choose LEADZAP Over Other Google Ads Companies

Leadzap is the best Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi with a team of highly skilled and experienced marketers. We know our client first and work at individual levels to make to deliver result-based satisfaction to the client’s business. Here are some of the many reasons why Leadzap is correct for the growth of your business.

Regular Attention and Care

Best Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi is not a one-day task. It is done over many months and needs to be constantly checked on and improved on the go. This makes it imperative for Google ads service providers to provide regular attention and care to the business and provide daily reports. Without regular attention and care, many companies may keep doing the same mistake over and over again. This causes new strategies to become ineffective and may even cause a backlash.

Furthermore, competitors may notice such flaws and take advantage of it. Regular attention also refers to obtaining information regarding the latest trends in marketing strategies and implementing them in the business.

Leadzap is a company that provides such regular attention and care to its clients. This is one of the reasons leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) has had more than 25 happy clients over the past years and is considered one of the best google advertisement company in Delhi.

Fixed Rates

Providing fixed rates and fixed packages is a staple of the google ads marketing world. Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company ) provides fixed rates and fixed packages which are clear cut and do not have any loopholes as many fraudulent Google ads companies show.

Leadzap is able to instil a sense of security and trust in the client by providing such fixed rates. Apart from this, Leadzap also has a policy of penalty in which if Leadzap is unable to deliver the goals set by it, there will be a penalty issued on Leadzap.

This builds trust between the client and the agency. Companies that do not have faith in their abilities to secure profits for their clients are unable to stick to such fixed rates and commitments and rely on loopholes and fraudulent tactics to escape.


Transparency is key in building up trust between the agency and the business. Transparency is important as certain details need to be constantly shared between the two to achieve success.

Advertising budget, the number of users clicking on the advertisements, the appearance of advertisements are some of the many statistics that can be shared only when there is transparency between the two.

Transparency is not common with new companies who are inexperienced and do not have proper certification. These agencies generally avoid providing such information to the business and withhold certain aspects that often prove detrimental in the long run.

Leadzap provides access to all reports including impressions, clickthrough rates, keywords, key phrases, account, and ad group structure along with ad budgets and marketing strategies.


Leadzap is very experienced in the field of Google ads and has over 13 years of experience. This proves that Leadzap is a trustworthy company and has also had over 25 happy and satisfied clients.

Experience matters in this field as the company can then deliver faster and not ponder too much on developing the strategy. The money spent by the business is not wasted as the strategies are time-tested over the years of experience and are guaranteed to provide stellar results.

9 Techniques Used By Leadzap To Gain Better Google ads Services

9 Techniques Used By Leadzap To Gain Better Google ads Services

9 Techniques Used By Leadzap To Gain Better Google ads Services

Digital Marketing as a whole requires a lot of techniques to get the best results. Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) has a team of efficient and technically experienced marketers who use the best technique to give successful results to the clients. Here are some techniques used by Leadzap while providing Google ads services.

Conditional keywords are used when the selected keywords are ineffective. At times the correct keyword may not result in conversions as researchers may search the same but do not purchase the particular service. Instead of using traditional keywords, a condition may be implemented to achieve higher conversion rates without only a high website traffics. Leadzap implements conditional keywords when necessary at the correct places where required. Often 

These keywords are different from conditional keywords. These keywords or key phrases are a great way to optimize AdWords performance. Conditional keywords have a clear and solid condition bound to the search result. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are not restricted or bound by such a condition.

They can be vaguer and these keywords encompass more categories and search preferences. If normal keywords are not cutting it then Leadzap (Google Adwords Marketing services Company) uses Long Tail Keyword Strategy and implements it so that the agency does not leave any stone unturned in generating high website traffic related to the target customer audience.

It is said that this is the most neglected technique for getting increased conversion rates and improving ad performance. In this mobile world, localization is key. Keywords like ‘closest’, ‘near me’, ‘nearby’ etc are used to obtain relevant search results. Leadzap helps the business register with Google My Business. Next, My Business location is linked to the AdWords account and the business will have a higher localized listing than other businesses. These campaigns must be scheduled during operating hours for complete utilization.

One important technique used while Google Ads Marketing is the Mobile click to call ability. There are three types of click to call abilities, i.e., Call Extensions, Calls from Website, and Phone Clicks on Mobile Site. Let us discuss these types.

This means that visitors see a ‘call’ option next to the advertisement on the mobile or the phone number of the business will be displayed for desktop devices.

This conversion refers to the fact that Google displays a forwarding number when the audience visits the website after clicking the ad. The phone number of the website will be replaced by the forwarding number so that the number of people can be determined who called after landing on the website.

This strategy turns a dead phone number with no clicks into a live clickable phone number. Many times, a visitor will prefer to call before signing up for the website. This causes dis-interest in moving further with the call. If there is an option for ‘click to call’, conversion rates are bound to increase.

Landing pages must be tested to find the best performer. This method may be time-consuming and costly for the business. The first step is to scope out the competition and PPC Spy tools like SpyFu can be used in this case.

Every business has both online and offline competitors. Most Google ads marketing companies only take into account the online companies, Leadzap takes into account both online and offline competitors. The competitors must be tracked closely to understand the latest trends and how to approach them in a unique method to always stay one step ahead of the competition.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Google Ads Service Provider?

10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Google Ads Service Provider?

10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Google Ads Service Provider_

Promoting your business via Google Ads requires investment. Hence, it is important to make sure that your investment yields a positive return on investment. A professional Google Ads service provider will make sure that your investment will generate many times more business for you.

Here are 10 benefits of hiring a professional Google Ads Service Provider :

Widespread Outreach of Google Ads

Google is not just a brand anymore; it has been defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as a verb. This shows the massive outreach of google. It is present in nearly every country and statistics show that the search engine handles more than 2 trillion searches every year! 

Wide Range Targeting Functions

It is often seen that keyword search terms are auctioned. Securing such keywords at an early stage of the product research process, allows the business to reach new heights quickly and funnel into two main techniques-

Another powerful technique is the use of long-tail keyword search terms. These are also secured by keyword bidding tactics and are cheaper than conditional keywords.

Harness Intent

The main difference between the audience reached via google ads and the audience reached via other forms of advertising is the intent. This means that on social media like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, people don’t want to look at advertisements and are often annoyed by such ads.

On the search network, people are looking for something specific like medical help, legal help, a gift for a loved one, and so on. In this scenario, advertisements would be preferred by the user so the user can quickly set up a meeting with a local service provider to cater to their needs.

Maintaining Control of the Campaign

Ads must reach as many people as possible. The start and end of these campaigns are crucial and takes time and resources which may be used elsewhere. Automation using programmatic advertising is being opted by many campaigns to ease this process.

With the help of programmatic advertising, beginning and ending a campaign can be done with a few clicks by a single person. This way, time and resources can be allocated in other avenues to grow the business even further.

Provide a Reasonable Budget 

A reasonable budget should be selected by the business so it is not overburdened by marketing costs. Most keywords do not cost a lot. If they do, ads put constraints on the daily budget, maximum bids, and other avenues. This way even if the account is not monitored closely, extra money is never spent on futile things. 

Understandable Format of the Search Results Where Ads Show Up 

Analytics dashboards may be inexplicably difficult to read and understand. Google makes it easier to understand these dashboards and simplifies them. Basic information like clicks, impressions, keywords budget, etc. can be found out about the ads. This allows the business to monitor exactly what is going on and how to improve upon the advertisement.

Results Are Expedited With SEO 

Search engine optimization is the primary aspect of most visited sites. Leadzap specializes in SEO and the posts and pages seen on one page are not just well-written and well-selected keywords but are a large collection of backlinks accumulated over time making it the number one factor for the top web pages. 

More Conversions 

If landing page experience is not optimized, ad networks often tend to redirect the internet user to any random website. This drains the budget and causes reduced conversions. An enticing landing page is required to keep the audience engaged in the service or product. This helps in increasing conversions which eventually benefits the company. 

ROI is Maximized With Multiple Bidding Strategies 

Leadzap has multiple bidding strategies to assist all types of businesses in securing marketing goals without cutting a hole out of the business’s pocket.

Widespread Brand Awareness

Google ads are an amazing tool to build brand awareness. According to statistics, it is seen that top marketers prefer building brand awareness over other aspects. Reinforcing a brand name, personality and reputation are crucial to gain the trust of the customer.

Building brand awareness is more important than focusing on clicks and conversions. Both strategies ultimately lean towards brand awareness which is a business’s crucial attribute.

Businesses which Require Google Ads Marketing

Businesses which Require Google Ads Marketing

Businesses which Require Google Ads Marketing

Are you wondering whether your business requires Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi? Are you confused about whether your business will benefit from this Digital Marketing strategy or not?

Here are types of businesses that require the services of Google Ads Marketing.

High Customer Lifetime Values

When a medical professional acquires a new client, if the client obtains positive results from his visits, the client will prefer to remain with the same medical professional resulting in a huge profit. The satisfied customer can refer to the same medical professional to others as well.

A new student is more likely to study in the same university for the entire duration of their course. This is a big investment and can result in huge profits. If the student has siblings, they may also join the same university.

Customers stick with a single cable service or internet service provider if they are satisfied as they want the hassle of switching these services. This means that for a long period of time, each month the customer will pay for the services

At times the service is not about a prolonged investment but a single big purchase. Few such examples are as follows:

A lawyer can make a huge profit from a single case, thus every single click on the website is important. Keywords for these businesses are quite expensive and must be secured with good judgment.

Home repair services earn a lot of money from a single job as repairing pipes, roofs, floors, plumbing, etc take up a lot of time and money. Thus, a single click can make all the difference.

Customers tend to compare products online and then buy from the store. If the business owner is able to convince the customer online itself, the customer will not doubt their judgment and purchase the particular home appliance.

Statistics have shown a lot of promise with geo-targeted PPC ads.

If general convenience stores do not sell the business’s products and these products are unique and uncommon, the business is a prime candidate for PPC advertising. 

Weddings, gift baskets, Halloween costumes, etc have a proclivity towards an annual purchase. This makes them the key business’s for PPC advertising.

8 Qualities a Good Google Ads Marketing Company Should Possess?

8 Qualities a Good Google Ads Marketing Company Should Possess?

With the extensive competition in the market filled with all varieties of service providers ranging from amateurs to high professionals, it becomes a perplexing task to trust a good company. Here are 8 qualities that you should look for when searching for a good Google Adwords Marketing Services in Delhi for your business.

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Professional Certification

In this case, professional certification refers to ‘Google Partner Status’. This means that the company is adept at using Google Ads and has sustained and grown its client base. This status gives the business owner a Google Partner Badge which can be displayed on the website. This gives clients a sense of security and helps in building trust.


Bringing new additions to the landing page is crucial to evolve as a business. Many times, customers are not satisfied with the usability of the website. This makes it important to keep up with the latest trends in the business. Furthermore, creativity will attract new customers to the website, and being eye-catching will surely help the business to increase website traffic and provide services.


Transparency helps both the business as well as the agency to achieve new heights. If the business and the best Google ads marketing provider work in tandem, they are able to increase productivity and work out all the problems together as a team. This saves time and resources and builds trust between the two.

Term of Contract

Short term contracts are preferred as many fraudulent companies lock the business into a long-term contract (12 months, 24 months). This does not make sense as it takes a lot of time and resources to launch a new client account. Most agencies will start getting profits after the first few months pass.

Consistent Track Record

An agency should be able to provide references and case studies to prove their expertise. This is seen in the case of Leadzap where they have more than 25 satisfied clients with case studies and over 13 years of experience in the field. This proves the integrity of the agency and business owners will lean towards such companies.

Clear Methodology

The Service Provider should have a clear protocol to follow and customized strategies set-up for each business. The different tests run, the process of running the tests, metrics, KPIs used to validate performance must be clearly described to the business. This helps in gaining the trust of the business owner and results in the two to work together.

Optimized Conversions

Many agencies only focus on website traffic and clicks or impressions and visits to the website. Statistically, they will prove that they have accomplished their task and made customers visit the website.

This is not true, the agency must help in converting these clicks into revenues by ad messaging, landing page optimization, analytics and reports, and also multivariate testing methods to improve campaigns.

Regular Data Review

Data review and data analysis must be done regularly. If the agency provides such services that allow regular data review and analysis, the agency is more trustworthy and has more faith in their abilities.

This makes the agency more transparent to the business owner and increases productivity and saves time and resources. Check out our website to know more: Google Adwords Marketing Services

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to get the best results on Google Ads?

Answer: A small business can achieve stellar results by starting with a small budget, the keywords should be granular, call reporting should be enabled. There should not be any irrelevant keywords and geo-targeting and ad scheduling should be used.

Q2. How is a Google Ad approved?

Answer: Google takes time to approve each ad as it looks at the headline, ad description, keywords used, and finally the landing page. All these categories are carefully taken into account and then the ad is published.

Q3. How long does an ad take to be approved by Google?

Answer: Google reviews the ads as it receives them thus it can be said the ad is in a queue waiting to be reviewed by Google. Generally, google takes one day to review most ads. This is, of course, a business day and it can take longer but an average statistic is one business day. To get approved by Google, the business must avoid prohibited content, prohibited practices, restricted content, and editorial and technical issues which often result in misinterpretation and spam links.

Q4. What is the cost of Google Ads?

Answer: Most businesses spend an average of $9000 to 10000$ per month and $1 to $2 per click. This is the average estimate for Google ads.

Q5. What are the packages offered in general by Google Ads Marketing Providers in Delhi?

Answer: The PPC ad costs are quite flexible. They might range from 500 to 30000 rupees. If the budget is above 300000 rupees, then agencies may charge on a monthly basis, like 7% of the monthly advertisements spent. Thus, small businesses can afford 30000rupee packages per month and then move on to more premium packages.

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