Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi

Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi
What is SMO? Why You Need a Social media Marketing Company For Your Business?

What is SMO? Why You Need a Social media Marketing Company For Your Business?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the usage of social website networks for managing and enhancing a company’s virtual presence and message. As an online marketing strategy, SMO is useful to increase recognition of the latest services and products, improve probable deface news, and connect with clients.

Let us see how an social media marketing agency in delhi can help you game up your business or profession.

  • SMO companies help their clients to introduce their business on social media network profiles like Twitter, Instagram, and many more.
  • SMO companies assure that there is proper communication among the client’s business and the audience they want to target. These companies know how to start their conversation with their clients for their company’s prosperity.
  • SMO companies give you a good social network strategy.
  • SMO companies know how to use social network tools.
  • SMO companies help you to promote your company name and help you to sustain in the market.
  • SMO companies bring in your brand and help the company to float in the market. These companies make sure that your brand is promoted in such a manner that companies’ competitors find it very difficult to survive this difficult competition. Your companies survival will be guaranteed with the help of SMO.
  • SMO companies build important campaigns of Facebook for your company and maintain your profiles on social media.
  • Companies of  SMO  even know how to utilize the tools of social media. There are many kinds of tools of social media and they all can be opened when an SMO company works to benefit your company to survive.

Hence, it is very important to engage with the best SMO company in India for your business to grow and survive in this intense competition market..

social media marketing agency in delhi

Leadzap | Best SMO Service Provider in Delhi/India

Leadzap is one of the leading virtual marketing providers in Delhi. We have an online marketing team of professionals who enhances the client’s online business presence with new strategies. Our main strength is that we have digital experts who use their experience in the industry to make customers’ brands even more popular on various virtual media platforms like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

These professionals have effectively met the customers’ requirements. Our assistance is built in such a way that clients can view that people are offering you better locations and talking about you, where clients can be involved to increases their goodwill in the market and increase awareness of their brand.

We follow best practices for developing, designing, and innovating which helps clients to upgrade their company. We give our assistance at the best prices that are easily affordable and can reach various large, medium, and small entrepreneurs.

social media marketing agency in delhi

SMO Services Provided By Leadzap | Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

In today’s era, Social Media Optimization services have become crucial for each business to assist their business over the internet and attract customers for their company from around 1.3 billion people using Facebook and 600 million people using Twitter. Hence, SMO helps in providing a chance to reach an important audience. Since Leadzap is one of the best social media marketing agency in delhi it provides the following  SMO service:

Virtual Marketing

Our team of  SMO operates movement and exposure of brand with online marketing and get more customers to respond to the networks of social media.

Facebook Page Management

Our team of SMO attracts Facebook viewers and enhance their quantity at a rapid rate. Leadzap even provides an absolute service of Facebook website management.

Twitter Account Management

Our team of  SMO manages and handles important tasks to clench twitter viewer’s attention who are available active over them.

Improve Site Conversion

Our team of  SMO optimizes video, this process contains the implementation of various techniques which is mainly used by providers of phone service for enhancing the viewing experience.

Social Media Audit

For implementing Social Audit, Leadzap holds a team of SEO professionals to evaluate, audit, and increase the awareness of the brand.

Linkedin Profile Creation & Management

We have a team of professional writers who create a complete LinkedIn profile and are even managed by experts with the help of brand strategy.

Community Participation

In this approach, participation is efficient to attain guaranteed meaningful engagement with the community at a global level.

Social Bookmarking

Leadzap does productive management of bookmarking and allows clients to share, edit, annotate, and add bookmarks.

YouTube Channel Creation & Management

Leadzap implements the essential creation of a YouTube channel and managing tips that benefits you reach out to more fan followers.

social media marketing agency in delhi

7 Important Things To Be Included In The SMO Service Provided By A Company | Best Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi

social media marketing agency in delhi

Ssocial media marketing agency social media marketing agency in Delhi MO is the most important factor in your online search rankings. When a client optimizes the search environment, there are indirect and direct benefits. The direct benefit is many people will search your company profile and connect with you and visit your company website. Whereas, the indirect benefit is from an additional link pointing to your website from your company profile.

Few Important things to be included in the SMO service are as follows:

Tools of social sharing should be integrated into the client’s website construction. Direct website links should be included in the client’s social media channel from your site and from your profiles back to your company’s website. Even sharing buttons of social media can be added to single blog posts. Social media links are considered good quality links as social websites have the high authority of the web.

Designing your social profile seems easy to work, yet it’s the 1st area where the company tends to fail. It is important to fill 100% profile information. Search engines are liable to favor profiles with full data available. It builds a professional adhesive experience in your network for other people, so all the contact data in your profiles should be the same as it is on your website.

Keywords play a vital role if someone wants to increase their exposure to the profiles of social media. It is very important to optimize profile correctly and structure keywords and phrases that are important in your profile in a natural and non-junk way. If you use your keywords and phrases in an effective manner in your page name or profile, this will benefit you to rank better in Google keyword search and within the search of the social network.

Keywords are very important for your ad campaigns, website, and blog content, as keywords matter with social content and help you to keep your content material to your customers.

Social signals are a crucial factor in Search Engine optimization as these search engines look at factors and social signals how often are you posting, is there any element of social sharing present to visitors of the website, and how many people are interacting.

When someone visits your website page, the first thing that a user views are the cover image. Hence, it is very important to have a good cover image as this creates a good impression on the viewer.

This is a good opportunity to send your brand message to your current and prospective customers. Use approved Proper size guide for the platform to make sure that the cover page is correctly displayed and formatted and professional image should be used which is memorable and relevant.

Lastly, employees are never allowed to use your private e-mail address for managing or creating your social media brand accounts. Employees always use controlled accounts of the company. Social media is considered an asset for enhancing your website search results which can be utilized properly. social media marketing company in Delhi NCR.

social media marketing agency in delhi

Why Choose Leadzap Over Other SMO Companies? | Social Media Marketing agency in Delhi

It can be a little overwhelming while choose the right and best social media marketing company in Delhi for your business. This is how Leadzap has a competitive edge over other top social media marketing company in Delhi NCR. 

13+ Years of Experience

Leadzap is one of the best SMO company in Delhi has been giving good quality services for more than a decade. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professional developers who will take your company to another level.

On-Time Delivery

Leadzap follows an approach of systematic development and provides all their work on the stipulated time which makes it one of the best SMO companies in Delhi. We not only assure good quality work but even assure that the customer’s requirements and expectations are properly fulfilled and develop and deliver work in the given time frame.

Increase Brand Awareness

It’s a fact that maximum people use social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. We use these website networks to set up your brand name and even enhance its awareness among future clients.

Spy on Competitors

Our social channel marketers will follow your competitors on social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. This will make it viable to know their best-selling techniques and this will help you come with better techniques and provide better discounts and deals as compared to your competitors.

Better Customer Service

Our social channel marketing services will build up the client requirements as these channels make sure that your business will respond to the questions and customer’s queries directly.

Interactive Display of Products

Many people emerge at social channel sites to be personal. We show the products and present queries and questions in such a way that clients consider them in a fun manner to discuss the products and your company too.

5 Rules of SMO Used By Leadzap

5 Rules of SMO Used By Leadzap | Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Leadzap is the top social media marketing company in delhi NCR. It uses 5 rules towards success while providing SMO services for the clients business.

It is the most important and first criteria for websites. Various websites are fixed, they do not update their website regularly and use it for the storefront. To improve a website for social media platforms, we need to grow content linkability.
It is a good step to add a blog, there are various other ways like thought pieces and white papers or just simply cluster content that exists somewhere else into a functional format.

To make the process of tagging pages simple features of content are attached like “quick buttons” to attach to But we go far away from this, ensure that pages contain relevant tags list, recommended notes for the link, and ensures to first tag our pages on the renowned sites of social bookmarks.

These links are often used as a barometer for a successful website, blog, incoming links are supreme to increase in search outcomes and entire rankings. To uplift more, we need to build it simple and give rewards. 

SMO is not just about making changes to a website, like SEO. Submitting portable content like PDFs, audio, and video files to appropriate sites will benefit your travel content later and will drive links to your website.

In this era of co-creation, it tips to be open about letting other people use your content. The idea of YouTube gives code to cut and then paste so one can insert videos from their site that has enhanced growth.
Whereas, through RSS when content is syndicated and it makes it simple for others for creating mashups that will increase your content.

5 Technologies To Watch Out For SMO in 2020

5 Technologies To Watch Out For SMO in 2020 | Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi

5 Technologies To Watch Out For SMO in 2020

In the advancing world of ever-increasing internet and social media users, SMO is gaining popularity. The future of Top social media marketing company in delhi NCR seems to be very demanding in 2020. Here are 5 technologies to watch out for SMO in 2020 for the top social media marketing company in delhi NCR.

Optimize SMO With Automation

The importance of automation is growing in the virtual market which can’t be overlooked. Every company is amending its budget of advertising and resources are increased to execute automation in the strategy of digital marketing. They will use online assistants and many tools of automation to take advantage of their budget and resources.

Video Content & Podcast Are the New Game Changers

Since the use of the internet has increased and smartphone users are also high in number, storytelling via podcasts and video content can also be a game-changer for businesses. This strategy is appealing to the young generation. By live videos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it is easy to connect with clients directly.

Whereas, this tool replaces blogs as many people are more interested in listening to story rather than reading blogs. Therefore, podcasts will be the new blog for youth.

AI and AR

Evolution in AI (Artificial intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality) will authorize a business to follow their client’s behavior and then approach them.

These technologies will make a new base for communication that will promote the growth of marketing social media. Therefore, it is vital for the business to make the best of it in near future.

Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Daily million users come online for various kinds of requirements and information is created. The actual analysis of generating information by users can be functional for businesses to enhance their revenue and sales. This information about users and their work will allow the company to send customized messages with many offers.

Ocular Technologies

The emergence of full video applications with augmented reality, drone cameras, and many more will keep the user in movement mode. This technology will improve the engagement of users with products and with this better experience of the client will be given. These technologies can be used in architecture, health, real estate, and many other sectors.

8 Tips For An Effective SMO

8 Tips For An Effective SMO | Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

8 Tips For An Effective SMO

Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi SMO is the practice of implementing various strategies and techniques for making your content famous on social media and create traffic of social media in this process.

It contains all activities on social media which help in the growth of the business. SMO is also known as optimizing client’s posts and profiles on social media so that it can materialize when people find for a keyword by the search options in the sites of social media.

Few important tips for social media marketing company in Delhi NCR (SMO) are discussed below:

#Tip 1: Create Quality Content That Has the Potential to Go Viral

It’s a true fact that social media is all about showing off and exhibition. People will react, notice, and interact with content only when it is of good quality and even interesting. So, we should keep this in mind while making content. It is very important to make creative, appealing, and interactional content that has more chances of getting shares and likes.

#Tip 2: Provide Complete Information

The complete information and fields should be filled up related to your business and yourself. Be it bio, site links, name, or any other details each field should be properly filled. This will create a trust if your business profile looks professional. The search engine even picks up profiles that will have all the relevant data.

#Tip 3: Maintain A Consistent Identity

It is very important for a website to have a good identity, align your profiles of social media to that. This helps people to find your brand easily.

#Tip 4: Keep Keywords in Mind While Optimizing Your Profile & Content For Social Media

Optimize your website and profiles by placing appropriate keywords in your profile content and copies of social media, so that your profile appears on the find result is very crucial. Things such as post length or use of the proper hashtags are also very crucial.

#Tip 5: Keep Social Sharing Options in Your Blog Posts

This will make people’s life simple to share their content on a social media platform. In fact, this will give rise to share people’s post. For a site like WordPress, you will have to just install it on the social plugin.

#Tip 6: Design Your Website Properly

The method of your website and simplicity with which individuals can steer through your webpage can have an impact on the behaviour of an individual and the way people interact with your profiles on social media. So, it should be kept in mind while designing your website.

#Tip 7: Be Active on Social Media

Be active in the correct feeling of the word. The presence of social media does not end with only publishing posts. You have to keep an eye on how people are reacting to this. You even have to respond to the feedback and queries in the inbox and comments.

#Tip 8: Automate Various Activities

Be it a big business or small blogs, series of activities are involved. In our busy schedule, you may forget about something but then even small things have a big impact and should not be ignored. So, you should always automate stuff whenever required and possible, such as responding to the mails and scheduling posts whenever you are unable to respond.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional SMO Provider Company?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional SMO Provider Company? | Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi

Leadzap has highly experienced SMO professionals who can promote your company on platforms of social media to get the advantage of each channel. We have more than 13 years of experience and have served many industries. Hiring our professionals will take your company to another level of success. Our professional SMO services include the following additional benefits:

Social Audit

Our SMO professionals execute a complete audit of social media agency in Delhi across all the appropriate social channels to make sure that your voice is heart-warming the foundation being heard by customers.

Data Analytics

These days marketing is information-driven. We comprehend, modify, execute as per the information. Our SEO professionals inspect every information to compose a strategy which will suit them best social media marketing company in delhi NCR.


A good strategy can construct good results. Our social experts create an extensive strategy modify to your company before starting the campaign to make sure the success is 100%.


It is necessary to have careful management of social media. Our social media professionals manage, monitor, and maintain your profiles of social media covering the channels of a social media marketing company in Delhi NCR to make sure that update is not ever skipped from anyone.

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Paid Campaigns

Sometimes the client wants instant results and paid campaigns to do the work for you. Our social media professionals grow high pone paid campaigns to make sure that your money is important and makes the most of you.


In our reports, nothing is artificial or hidden. We show the reports that are real which are relevant for our customers. The main purpose of our report is to provide our client with a real perception of the campaigns.

8 Tools Used For Providing SMO Services?

8 Tools Used For Providing SMO Services? | Social Media Agency in Delhi

This tool is used for sharing and publishing content on social channel and its main benefit is that is available free of cost. With the help of this tool, one can build electronic books and share them on the social channel. Viewers will download and read books and Edcor will help you to connect to the guests who are interested in your content. You can even follow these visitors. It will even list you in its directory that will enhance your discernibility.

Edcor helps to embed viewers of the document on websites. It will add more value to SEO. Even you will be able to earn good money by selling your creative content on Edcor.

HubSpot Social Media Tool helps to track and analyze each activity and tendency in the social media program. It has occupied contact characteristics to track guides. It even shows Tweets and Facebook posts which helps in estimating your campaigns of marketing.

One can even publish content on every social media platform from one location and even schedule your post and provide a suggestion regarding the time and day of posts.

This tool makes your newsletter service and e-mail marketing more important. It forwards 4billion mails each month and it even manages many mail problems. This mail helps in targeting campaigns of e-mail marketing to gear up your business requirements.

This tool has designs that are flexible that you can utilize for personalizing your campaign and its automatic characteristic will provide mails to targeted inboxes in a time-boxes way.

And its reporting and analytics characteristics will let you improve the success of your campaigns of marketing.

Optical content is more interactive than words and due to this reason, it plays a vital role in SMO. For creative optical content, one can take the help of this tool that provides templates for creating optical content.

These designs come with certain dimensions that will make creative content without any hassle. Many images are present for free. With the help of this tool, one can make a presentation with great clarity and even design graphics of social media with beautiful layouts.

Do Share is one of the best tools of social media as this tool allows and offers which other tools don’t. It allows us to share content with Google+ which others don’t. This is because Google doesn’t give an API for profiles made on Google+. But Do Share has an extension of Google Chrome for content sharing. Even you can manage and share your posts on social media platforms such as Twitter,, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This tool has exclusive for Google+ because this gives freedom and connectivity without any hassle to access the profiles of Google+. When share posts are done on Google+ by linking this Google+ with any tab of Google chrome. This even works for Google+ pages and Google+ personal profiles. With the help of this tool, you can even save a post and write a post for future purposes and even schedule these posts.

This tool benefits in searching and saving content. SMO must share your content with others. Once you share your content then only people take interest in your content. Many sites and blogs can be of interest. This tool can benefit those websites and also save useful content. It has great compatibility of cross-browser and it even operates properly on mobile phone platforms.

It is a powerful tool of social media management which helps in managing many profiles from one location. It even gives a detailed analysis of social media platforms. Its main edge is that it gives self-control tools that can-do analysis of the competition and even give the entire report of trends of social media. It has many characteristics for Facebook such as apps of Facebook which can benefit in doing quizzes and contests. This tool is costly as compared to other tools but its more inherent than other tools.

It is a compulsory tool for each webmaster. This tool is free and helps in tracking site performance on platforms of social media and direct rates of conversion of personal platforms. This provides broad data on visitors, hits, visitors source, and time taken by visitors on the websites. This information helps in creating leads from hits. With the help of this tool, one can keep track of the traffic that will come from your campaigns of social media marketing agency in Delhi and regulate the campaign success rate.

frequently ask questions

Frequent Asked Questions Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi

Q1. How SMO is important in SEO?

Ans: SMO is very important to SEO and its influence helps businesses to grow. Through the social channel, people stay engaged and connected with the world digitally, optimize your presence on the platforms of social media. Whereas, SMO is even important in calculating ranking in present and contribute even more in the coming future.

Q2. Do you provide service only in Delhi?

Ans: No. We provide service worldwide. Leadzap ensures that their clients do not face any
hurdle in dealing with us. For any kind of queries, we are just an email away.

Q3. What are the best content marketing techniques used for business?

Ans: Leadzap follows two main things for successfully marketing content are- Consistency and Experiments. These two techniques create the best content marketing for your business.

Q4.What do we need for SMO?

Ans: With SEO you can optimize your website to find friends but to seize the attention of your product SMO is required. You require the best product and the best content to get help from SMO. One should use hashtags, even post every day, share in your circle every day, use fresh images and attractive, provide advantages and benefits, share on other social media platforms, and most importantly your content title should be very attractive so that one can attract more customers.

Q5. What are your charges for SMO?

Ans: The charges of SMO services completely depends on the needs of a business. Leadzap offers three levels of packages, basic, standard, and high-end. We have offers for all and you can choose the package as per your requirements. Leadzap helps in providing SMO services at affordable prices.

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