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SEO Company in Delhi

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which refers to the improvement of a particular search engine like Google or Bing. An SEO Service provider provides such facilities and means with which the particular company can improve and optimize their search engine even more. Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR increases the visibility of a particular business or a company online.

They use specific keywords to gain high ranking results when that particular field of interest is being searched for. An SEO Agency must ensure its client that their company will come before its competitors when that field of interest is being searched online. Since, the level of competition is increasing tremendously in this field, selecting the best SEO company in India is very difficult.

For example, a grocery delivery company will focus on keywords like best grocery delivery, quick grocery delivery, where to get vegetables delivered? And so on. This grocery delivery company will use SEO techniques with help from a well-established best SEO Services in Delhi SEO agency like Leadzap (SEO Services in Delhi NCR) which provides to get high ranks in the search results.

Another example can be that of an electronics company. The Top SEO service provider company will focus on keywords like the best laptop, best headphones, cheap laptops, and so on.

The SEO Agency should focus on covering as many possible keywords as it can with a high level of frequency so the electronics company in this scenario can appear at a high rank in the search results. This ensures better sales for the company and better reach and marketing. 

Leadzap | Best SEO Service Provider In Delhi

Leadzap | Best SEO Company In Delhi NCR

SEO Company in Delhi

Leadzap is the best SEO service company in Delhi with a team of highly efficient and award-winning experienced digital marketing experts that applies a creative and innovative approach to capture your brand and promote the same to increase new heights of customer’s reach.

Invest in your site’s success with Leadzap by hiring our best SEO experts, to build a strong online presence that ranks on search engines. Pave your path towards your success by maximizing your revenue with us. 

SEO Company in Delhi

SEO Services Provided By Leadzap | SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR

Leadzap is a leading SEO Service providing company in Delhi with a team of the highly skilled and experienced team provides you with the following:

Local SEO

Local SEO services help the company optimize their search according to the nearby environment and the nearby locality. The SEO Service should help the company to connect with its local customers. This not only increases sales but also helps with marketing purposes.

For example, Leadzap has excelled in this field by reaching out to the local bodies in Delhi, NCR, and connecting them with a particular company. Leadzap focuses on the neighborhood which will benefit from the particular company and uses SEO Techniques to increase profits, sales, and marketability for the company. Without such exceptional local outreach, the company is sure to lose out on a huge number of local clients and sales that may be easily accessible.

E-commerce SEO

SEO Optimization techniques can boost an e-commerce SEO’s revenue by ranking among the top search results. By ranking at the top of search results, the e-commerce SEO can reach out to more clients and people. With e-commerce SEO services, the company will surely rank high in the search results related to specific keywords.

SEO is primarily based on these keywords. The more the number of keywords present, the higher ranking the company shall receive in the search results. The keywords should not be irrelevant. SEO is also highly dependent on the accuracy of these keywords and its relation to the company and its services.

Voice SEO 

Leadzap has state of the art voice SEO techniques which helps in business growth which inevitably results in enhanced digital marketing. Voice SEO has a broader array of benefits. It helps in increasing website revenue, heightened website traffic as well as conversions.

Voice search grows in popularity as the need for typing is on the decline. Customers use voice-related searches and these keywords may have a slightly different approach than when typing. Leadzap provides such digital marketing strategies 

SEO Company in Delhi

Why Choose Leadzap Over Other SEO Companies?

SEO Company in Delhi

Leadzap is one of the best SEO service provider company in Delhi it provides you with these 7 important things as included in the SEO service package which gives a competitive edge over others.

SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is a deep analysis of the website’s statistics concerning SEO. The agency shall look for places of improvement, the strengths, and weaknesses of the website, and also the evaluation of the website as a whole from an SEO point of view.

Many Top SEO Service Provider companies in Delhi, NCR do not provide SEO Audit Services. However, Leadzap provides these services which shows that all the companies which need help in SEO related queries and digital marketing are given utmost importance by Leadzap which is one the best SEO Agencies in Delhi, India. A specific team of specialists will cater to the companies needs

Custom Strategy

A custom strategy is a primary facility provided by best SEO service provider companies. This is key to the company’s success. The custom strategy amenity is absent in many Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR. Leadzap provides personalized care to each of its clients, securing a profitable output for its clients. On the other hand, various SEO Service providers stick to the conventional approach and apply it to all the companies. This is highly unfavourable and may not provide maximum SEO for the company.

Analysis of Competitors

Analyzing competitors crucial irrespective of the size of business. Regular analysis of offline as well as online competitors should be provided by Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR This will give the client company a leading edge over its competitors and help them go further ahead of them. Leadzap provides such services and has generated a lot of revenue for its clients using its time-tested techniques to improve SEO and enhance digital marketing.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization can be referred to as a ‘tune-up’ process for the company’s website. This means that the top SEO Service provider company in India will focus on improving the website for search engines like google or Bing. 

This includes but is not limited to the analysis of speed, design, and usability of the site, sitemap creation, image placement, image selection, and the overall presentation of the website so it is appealing to the customer.

Off-Page Optimization

Any optimization done outside the boundaries of the website of the company falls under Off-Page optimization. Other content related to the company can be shared across different social media platforms and daily newsletters and podcasts can be arranged by SEO Service Providers. Leadzap has been able to assist its clients in doing all the above and by helping in off-page optimization.

Leadzap is not restricted to the boundaries of the website. This shows the commitment top SEO company in Delhi need to have to generate maximum revenue by enhancing SEO.

Monthly Reports 

Monthly reports help the company and the SEO Service provider work in tandem. Maintaining transparency is key to having a clear idea and overview of the company’s current position regarding SEO. This also helps the company decide if their revenue is well spent on the SEO Service providers.

Progressive Optimization

SEO is an ongoing process and needs to be done at regular intervals to keep the company up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques. Progressive optimization requires a partnership between the SEO service provider and the company to a great extent.

SEO Company in Delhi

4 Main Types of SEO Techniques | Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR

There are mainly 4 types of SEO techniques, followed by top SEO service provider companies in India while providing top-notch SEO service. They are as hereunder:

Optimizing HTML, Creating High-Quality content, Social media influence, and making the site more user-friendly is a part of White Hat SEO. These techniques aid in increasing the ranking of the website in the search results of a search engine. This helps in marketing and should be a core component of SEO Service Providers.

Leadzap has adopted multiple such techniques and utilizes them to their complete potential to obtain the best possible results for the client company. This is a time-consuming process but it is a safe and secure way of getting the desired results. This technique can be verified whenever the search engine updates its algorithm, the ranking of the website should go upwards.

Black Hat SEO techniques include link spamming, clustering keywords, cloaking, hiding links, plagiarism, buying links, phishing, etc. These methods may seem lucrative to a beginner company as it provides instantaneous results and certain cheap SEO companies employ these tactics to get high rankings within a short period by using these exploits in the algorithm.

However, once the search engine updates its algorithm, these exploits are found out and can lead to disasters for the company. The website may be flagged and in severe cases, the site may even be taken down.

Not listed as good or bad, the Gray Hat SEO lies in the middle ground of Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Techniques like click-baiting, paying for reviews, spun content, and link exchanges are not exactly good but are not bad as it does not get the company banned. These techniques may lead to a bad reputation and can harm the integrity of the company.

The Negative SEO techniques are used to cause harm to other competitors instead of enhancing one’s website. This is done by posting negative reviews about the other company, posting misleading links about the company, and even hacking into the company’s website and causing unnecessary changes to the website.

An SEO Service Provider must be able to detect and prevent such mishaps from happening to the client company.

SEO Company in Delhi

Benefits of Hiring a Professional SEO Provider Company? 

SEO Company in Delhi

If you are wondering why you should hire a professional Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR for your business website, here are some benefits which will help you make up your mind for it.

Reach More People Via Search Engines

SEO Service providers must broaden their search engines to maximize revenue for the client company. Different search engines mean an increase in the number of customers. Not everyone uses google, other search engines like Bing, Yandex, CCSearch, etc. are used by various customers as per their requirements.

Hiring a Professional SEO Service Provider like Leadzap will ensure that the maximum number of search engines related to the company are being used to generate high ranking results.

Quality Website Traffic

Quality website traffic refers to the data on the customers visiting the site. Certain SEO Service Providers may show a huge increase in website traffic without any significant increase in sales.

This is due to the low quality of the traffic. Hiring a professional SEO Provider for the company is quite beneficial as they have proper experience and knowledge in the field, ensuring quality website traffic tracking. Leadzap uses Custom Strategy techniques to see this through and reach the desired quality website traffic.

Improve The User Experience of Your Site

When a user visits a website, the first impression of the site may also be the last. To ensure a good user experience when visiting the company’s website, the SEO Service Provider must optimize the website make it as user-friendly as possible to ensure positive feedback from users visiting the website.

This will also make it easier for the customer to navigate across the website and not waste the valuable time of the client. Web Designers at Leadzap keep these points in mind while enhancing the user experience for a website.

Create Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness must be generated across the internet and on different social media platforms. This helps in increasing quality website traffic and ensuring greater customer sales. This is done by posting advertisements on the website on popular social media platforms and hiring various social media influencers and bloggers to promote the company’s products.

Impressive Return on Investment

The company spends a significant amount of time and money on SEO Service Providers. If the returns are not greater than the investment, the company will suffer from a loss.

The SEO Service Provider must ensure they can meet the needs of the company and provide them with a monthly statistical data report showing the positive or negative returns. This reduces the barrier between the company and the SEO Service Provider leading to trust and greater understanding between the two.

Compete With Top Competitors

To compete with top competitors, companies often hire professional SEO Service Providers to help them stay up to date and not fall behind with the current trends. Professional help like Leadzap can provide a detailed analysis of competitors. This can help in strategizing against the competitor and setting higher standards for its competitors to meet

Monitor Campaign Results

Campaign results are monitored to ensure the company’s funds are not swindled. It is also done to build a better relationship with the company. Leadzap provides monthly campaign results to ensure the company of the progress in SEO strategies and how the company is being benefitted from it. Website traffic, sale, customer increase, and most importantly the ranking increase in search results is shown in campaign results.

SEO Company in Delhi

Four Pillars of an Effective SEO Strategy | SEO Company in Delhi

SEO Company in Delhi

Technical SEO refers to the ability of a search engine to read and analyze the content of the website and explore it. Certain tools like Screaming Frog and Deep Crawl show technical errors that can be easily corrected once spotted. A major part of technical SEO is web design and development. The website developer must ensure a fast website, optimized for both mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. This is especially important for websites with a lot of content.

The website may be designed with great commitment and kept user-friendly and be of top-notch quality. However, if the customer feels the content is not relevant to the website, the user will exit the website causing an increase in the traffic with no relation to the sales and profits of the company. Prevention of clickbait links, irrelevant articles, and creating optimized content throughout the customer experience on the site is key to the generation of good content.

A well-structured hierarchy is a key to the website’s on-site SEO. This is done from the technical SEO section. Keyword research, descriptive URLs, Page Titles, Structured Data, etc. Are key to the optimization procedure.

Off-site SEO is a part of the Authority Building. This can be done by using a strong link building to generate greater website traffic. The content should be relevant to the links and these links should be safe and scalable. It should be ensured that the links will not interfere with the algorithm and that they should make sense.

8 Types of Businesses That Need SEO The Most

8 Types of Businesses That Need SEO The Most | SEO Company in Delhi

Wondering if your business requires SEO services? Here are 4 types of Business which need SEO the most.

Niche businesses have a smaller audience and lesser competition. This makes it necessary for these businesses to employ an SEO Service Provider to enhance their customization even further. The overall traffic may be lower but the niche factor of the business makes it easier for the company to show up at the top of the first page on any search engine due to the extreme specificity and relevance to the audience.

These companies have an advantage over the general ones when it comes to search algorithms as if the content is high-quality and keyword overstuffing is avoided, the relevant traffic is sure to ensure great outputs and sales.

SEO Services are perfect for small businesses and startups as they do not need to invest a fortune on advertisements. Instead, they only need to pay a monthly fee relevant to the package opted. All businesses and startups need to scale. This can be achieved by investing more in the business itself rather than its promotion.

Hiring professional SEO Service providers can lower the burden on these startups and small businesses alike. These small businesses often sparkle out fast because the company invests more in advertisements and publicity and does not scale well enough to keep growing as a whole.

SaaS companies are digital companies focused on strong traffic tactics that need to be funneled towards the site. These sites are focused on providing solutions. To obtain more customers and sales, the site needs to be the top result in search engines to ensure maximum sales. The SEO provider will funnel as much traffic as possible towards the target site to ensure high user interface and growth in popularity as a SaaS Company

Medical professional requires the patients to visit them and this can be achieved by staying at the top of the search results when somebody searches various symptoms or problems faced on the search engine. Good SEO techniques can lead the patient to the office.

The customers are from around the locality and thus, the target audience is clearly defined. This means lower competition as the business is also specialized.

Thus, medical professionals and doctors need a good and consistent SEO Service Provider who provides a hyper-targeted marketing strategy dedicated to the particular location and area resulting in the highest patients not only visiting the website but also the office of the doctor.

Many local companies feel if they can target a local audience, they have achieved their goal, but to achieve this smoothly, an SEO Service Provider is required.

This top SEO Service Provider company in India must have consistent maintenance to secure slots for the local companies when searched locally. For example, a web search for restaurants will show the restaurants around the user’s area first, and then international results will pop up. Thus, to secure these spots, the SEO must need constant maintenance to hold them. Relevant answers to locally asked questions can also secure these spots. This also helps in giving the company an edge over the other companies and its competitors which do not employ SEO Service Providers.

Bars and restaurants work similarly to a local company. In addition to the local similarity, people need more information based on specific keywords and location-oriented details. This is true when people want to try out something new and are searching online for local bars and restaurants. While searching certain slots will pop up which need to be secured by the SEO Company by constant maintenance.

The Best SEO Service Provider company will also use digital marketing tactics and constant improvements on websites and employ other modes of publicity to generate more users and eventually customers to the restaurant.

Businesses like real estate, home flooring, plumbing services, gardening services, electricians, general repairs, etc. Fall into this category. When a customer requires a certain aspect of his home to be improved or fixed, they will search the particular keyword on the search engine.

This is where the SEO comes in. The Top SEO service provider company in India will help the business appear at the top pages of the search results and help the customer with an easy solution by providing the company details and links to the website.

Legal professionals’ practice specific laws like marital law, criminal law, property law, and various others. Thus, this gives them the niche factor and an SEO can target them to the specific search keywords so the legal professional appears at the top of the search results.

When Do Your Business Need SEO Services?

When Do Your Business Need SEO Services?

Need SEO Services

If you meet any of the following requirements, your business needs the services of an SEO company:

Growth of Business

A company should be able to scale and grow well into a larger more substantial company.

Website Redevelopment

Web design and development fall partially under the Technical aspect of SEO and can be easily tailored to suit the needs of the company.


The expansion of a business is crucial to grow as a company and expand the user base and customer targeted areas.


Analyzing the competition can be a great way to get an edge over them and appear at the top of the search results


Increased quality traffic results in increased customers, eventually leading to profits and sales of the company.

Stand out

Specific keywords and custom strategies along with highly advanced web design to ensure a user-friendly experience of the customer will make the company stand out.


Many threats like competitors can employ black line SEO and Negative SEO to harm the company which can be prevented and removed by SEO Service Providers.


A high ranking in the search results will ensure more traffic and more customers.

How to Choose a Good SEO Company For Your Business?

How to Choose a Good SEO Company For Your Business?

Good SEO Company

Need an SEO company but confused about how to choose one? Check tips these out to find the best SEO company for your business.


Concrete proof of the past success of an SEO Service Provider is important to choose a company. The past work and performance of the company should show a series of happy and satisfied clients. Leadzap has over 25 such happy clients throughout the past 13 years of its existence.

Current Client and Experience

Communication with the clients and the client experience is key to choosing the correct SEO Service Provider. Questions like frequency of return of calls or emails, dedication to the client, custom strategies employed, time and effort provided by the SEO Service Provider to securing slots, and so on will help in knowing the truth about SEO Companies. Many SEO Companies lie blatantly on their website and the customer is unsatisfied or may even be scammed.

Meet and Ask Questions

This is the final step and can be considered the most important. This is because physically meeting with SEO companies or via video conference can reveal more about their work ethic and professional nature.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes While Choosing the Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR

Since many business entrepreneurs don’t have an idea about the SEO, they fall into traps of bad SEO companies, making their journey worse. Here are some mistakes which you should not make while choosing an Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR.

Choose a Cheap SEO Agency

Cheap SEO agencies are prone to underdeliver on what they have promised. These companies often employ plagiarism techniques to achieve their goal which may lead to no change in the SEO of the company. Thus, a realistic budget must be set to be able to gain a substantial amount of profit from investing in the Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR.

Browse Only Local Companies

A local company may not be the Best SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR even if the business is a locally based one. This is because certain local companies lack experience and knowledge about various strategies that international SEO Companies can provide. Experience must be prioritized over location because a well-experienced SEO can impact the quality of the service in a better way than a local company.

Select Black-Hat SEO Agency

Generally, an SEO will not deliver immediate results. Most of the time a minimum of 3-6 month return time is required. This can cause the company to lose faith in the trusted SEO and fall a victim to Black-hat SEO Strategies. These are unethical and ineffective strategies as they have a short lifespan. They provide immediate results but once a search engine updates the algorithm, the website may be flagged and reported to non-existence! This means customers will not be able to find the website even after a lot of pages and can cause great loss to companies.

10 Top SEO Tools in 2020

10 Top SEO Tools in 2020

seo tools

There are various SEO tools out there in the market. Here are the top 10 tools for 2020.

Users can check keywords and search volumes of the same using the google keyword planner.

Gives an overview of the position of the domain in search results. Semrush also provides services that rank keywords and other specific related keywords that may improve rankings and help in generating more traffic for the website.

It is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Apart from the usual keyword search, it has other features as well. Being simple and straightforward, it is widely used.

Screaming is a technical SEO used to scan the website and make a list of the internal pages. It keeps a track of these links, links per page, and other keyword related elements like title, sub-headings, and their lengths. It also keeps a track of HTTP status codes. The updated version of Screaming Frog has many features.

It searches the website deeply and provides accurate information on a variety of topics. This information is categorized by indexing, content validation, and a universal site explorer. It helps keep in track of all the technical issues which may cause problems especially in preventing the site from appearing in search results.

Woorank is an automated website that evaluates and provides information based on 50 different criteria. It provides SEO tips which is very helpful and can evaluate the SEO-friendliness of certain websites free of cost.

Ahrefs is a digital marketing tool used by professionals at an international level. It provides speedy updates on indexes and also gives live links.

It is an optimization tool developed by It is a search engine for links that helps track the links leading to a particular website. It also shows statistics relating to the number of links and the number of domains linked to a URL.

It claims to be the planets largest link index database. It contains link indexes and data from all around the world and is thought of as the most comprehensive database for links in the world.

It provides validation for a link and also has backlinking services. It is a great marketing tool with added features.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the SEO Company in Delhi

Q1. How long will it take to achieve the desired results?

Ans: Generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to achieve the desired results. In the first month of SEO, the provider will focus on website auditing, strategy employment techniques, and other planning. The next two months will be focused on Technical SEO work based on website audits and content creation, blogging, and article writing. Months 4 and 5 will focus more on social media management and creating natural links in tandem with content creation. Month 6 focuses on conversion rate optimization and increased social media promotions.

Q2. What is the cost of an SEO package in Delhi, India?

Ans: SEO packages in Delhi can range from INR 25000 per year to INR 2,00,000 per year. This means that certain SEO companies are cheap and may not be able to provide the same facilities as a high-end one. SEO companies may use copy-paste techniques without considering the company’s specific requirements. Companies are often misled by cheap prices and big promises.

Q3. What are the top three SEO Companies in Delhi?

Ans: Brainwork Technologies, Acme Infolabs, and e-Definers technology are among the top SEO companies in Delhi.

Q4. Is an SEO Service required by growing businesses around Delhi, NCR?

Ans: Yes, all growing businesses get a huge boost if they are connected to an SEO Company. The SEO Company not only gets them high rankings in the search listings but also saves the company a fortune of money that would have been spent on advertisements. This allows the company to grow and flourish into a greater, more substantial business.

Q5. Are SEO Services refundable?

Ans: In most cases, SEO Services are non-refundable since they are billed on a monthly basis. If the client is unsatisfied with the SEO Services, the client can cancel the plan at any point in time, and the client will not be charged from the next month. However, the client will have to pay for the current month for which the SEO Service Provider has worked.

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