Best ECommerce Website Development Company in Delhi

Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi

In today’s era, due to the rise in the IT sector and understanding of the internet among people there has been a growth of web development companies across India. Through these e-commerce websites selling and buying of products can be done virtually via the internet. This means one can have access to a shopping cart online through which users can search products according to their preference and purchase as per their requirement and in their zone. As, these eCommerce website development company in Delhi NCR guarantees businesses an attractive, interactive, and unique website which will fit in all the expectation and demands of their customers.

Leadzap | Best eCommerce Website Development Company In Delhi

Leadzap | Best eCommerce Website Development Company In Delhi

Best eCommerce Website Development Company In Delhi

Leadzap” is amongst the best eCommerce development companies in Delhi, “Our main aim is to provide an extensive arrangement of designing websites and enhance the growth of client’s business in this competitive market”. At Leadzap,

we are equipped with the latest technologies and demonstrated plans are used by our professionals for all kinds of businesses, Leadzap delivers them services with perfection which mainly concentrates on the important operations of the business helping them make the best use of their seasoned skills.

We follow best industry practices for designing, developing, and innovation which will help you upgrade your business. We provide our services at the best affordable prices so that our services can reach many small, medium, and as well as large entrepreneurs.

E-commerce Website Development Services Provided by Leadzap 

eCommerce Website Development Company In Delhi NCR. At Leadzap, we exhibit unparalleled services of website development and we are equipped with the latest technologies so that our professionals can deliver innovations. We design e-commerce websites in such a way that it is very user friendly and engage many sectors of business across the world.

The Best eCommerce Website Development Company In Delhi NCR By Leadzap Are As Follows:-

eCommerce Website and App Development

 We help in creating productive B2C and B2B e-commerce phone applications that will help you delightfully link with customers. Combined with topmost features, design e-commerce phone applications that offer easy direction, smooth checkout, good speed, and wonder- inspiring UX/UI design.

B2C & B2B Marketplaces

 We have proficiency in the growth of experienced B2C and B2B virtual market areas. Upgraded with a necessary attribute such as reporting, shopping list, managing logistics, managing shipping, and many more. We design powerful B2C & B2B shop window for clients.

CMS Integration

We work with many easily available source e-commerce policies such as OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, Zen Cart, and others like Shopify to design a fully-operational eCommerce website.

Multistore eCommerce Development

At Leadzap, an eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi NCR. Developers are skilled in designing high-quality e-commerce in multiple stores. We clarify e-commerce management at the venture level by designing high-quality e-commerce multiple stores for companies that handle many brands together.

Migration & Upgrade

 We help companies to migrate their e-commerce website to another program without any loss of data. We even help companies to enhance their website to the latest version of the program and make sure that custom features and data remain the same while migrating or upgrading the company’s site.

Third-Party API Integration

At Leadzap, an eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi NCR. Developers can combine 3rd party APIs like FedEx, PayPal, Google Analytics, and many more which gives simplicity in performing many functions on a company’s eCommerce webpage. We make sure to combine 3rd party APIs with absolute proficiency.

Why Choose Leadzap Over Other As the Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi?

Why Choose Leadzap Over Other As the Best eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi? 

13+ years of experience

Leadzap is one of the best ECommerce website development company in Delhi NCR has been giving good quality services for more than a decade. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professional developers who acknowledge every shade of e-commerce expansion. We are a full-size eCommerce website development company in Delhi NCR and give radical solutions across the globe.

On-Time Delivery 

Leadzap follows a systematic development approach and delivers all their work on time. We not only guarantee the quality of our services but even make sure that the client’s expectations are at par and ensure to deliver and develop projects in stipulated time. 

Quick Development Process

Leadzap embraces a process of quick development for the process of e-commerce website development process which guarantees us for providing arete solutions. Our objective is to provide exclusive solutions to our customers by creating the utmost use of our tools and resources and provide a congenial client’s experience.

SEO Friendly Site

Leadzap developers take an estimate into account to develop an e-commerce website in an SEO-friendly way which will make a powerful online presence for your business. We even stick to PCI standards, GDPR norms, and WCAG 2.0 guidelines to set up a quality complaint webpage.

Support & Maintenance

As Leadzap is a leading ECommerce website development company in Delhi NCR we ensure to render topmost services to our customers. We provide maintenance and support services without any problem to our customers to benefit them to solve their problems and snag with their eCommerce policy. Our professionals render immediate support steady.

Technologies In Which Leadzap Excel

Technologies In Which Leadzap Excel


Front End

We apply Ajax to build the client’s webpage respond to applications on time with other technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more.




Back End

We have expertise in the structure like Django, Ruby on Rails, ASP, Node.js, and many more. We build a constructive back-end for your eCommerce website.





Leadzap professionals are proficient at working with technologies of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, & PostgreSQL and they expand a concrete system of database.




Server-Side Script

We expertise in PHP and its structure like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Zend Framework, and many more, we design a radical e-commerce website.



Upcoming Trends In eCommerce Website Offered By Leadzap

Voice Commerce

After the release of successful eCommerce, where products can be easily found by keywords of customers, the next upgraded technology is Voice Commerce where products can be searched on the website by pronouncing. With the help of this technology, it will save a lot of time and make the clients more adhere to the e-commerce stores.

Artificial Intelligence

 Leadzap will offer AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is very helpful in understanding the client’s action by instant computerized technique.


 Leadzap will offer chatbots which is a part of AI. With the help of this technology, customer’s feedbacks and text are naturally answered by website bots and even naturally communicate with clients like humans.


 Leadzap will offer AR/VR which will help clients in having online experience of shopping from the client’s e-commerce webpage with real effects.

ERP/CRM Integration

Leadzap will incorporate ERM system CRMS such as HubSpot CRM, Custom CRM, or Salesforce CRM into your website.

Point of Sales Integration

Leadzap will integrate an adequate POS system which makes management of sales and inventory simple and will eliminate the want for standard data entry.

Benefits of Hiring Leadzap As Your Professional eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi

Benefits of Hiring Leadzap As Your Professional eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi

Benefits of Hiring Leadzap As Your Professional eCommerce Website Development Company in Delhi

In today’s era, digital marketing has gained a good response due to the growth of the internet. Companies received a good response with the help of virtual portals in which professional e-commerce website development company like “Leadzap” in Delhi can provide help. Apart from designing websites they even pay attention to content advertisements and SEO. Hence, it is essential to hire a professional e-commerce website development company in Delhi.

The benefits of an eCommerce website for a company are as follows:

  • Your company will have a store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Low Running cost incurred to keep your e-commerce website store open.
  • Earlier someone couldn’t buy your products from some other country but with the help of web store chances to outreach new markets is possible now that that person from another country can find your company on the internet and order.
  • Limitless possibility of new sales channels is now possible with the help of e-commerce website development you will be able to approach interior designers across the world in an easier way.
  • Trade a broad area of stock items.
  • Make more revenue for each item sold.
  • Stores of e-commerce can be a system to provide upsells. Upsells are built in such a way which helps in increasing the value of sales of customers.
  • Cross-sells offers are offered in stores of e-commerce these offers are given with complimentary products at the time of checkout.
  • E-commerce websites provide a high level of intelligence about client’s likes, behaviour, wants, and many more. With the help of e-commerce websites, details of customer behaviour are stored in your e-commerce website store. This information helps you to survive in your store with time so that it is more constructive.
  • An E-commerce website provides e-mail marketing that configures your store that will collect email addresses for you of future customers in customers shortly and even existing ones. With the help of e-mail marketing, you can do it in less cost method with frequently operating traffic back to the store with special discounts, competitions, offers, etc.
  • An E-commerce website helps in building better social media strategies by having a store of e-commerce which will enhance the productivity of what a business wants to achieve with social media.

Scope of eCommerce website development in business in future

Scope of eCommerce website development in business in future 

In the late ’90s e-commerce was originated, many e-commerce companies comprise of business to customer (B2C), business to business (B2B), customer to business (C2B), and consumer to the customer (C2C).

All undertakings must be controlled online or electronically- e-commerce eases all the numerous activities related to shopping, which includes sales and purchases of services and goods, billing, shipping, and many more online.

Factors that change the face of eCommerce website development in India.

Factors that change the face of eCommerce website development in India

The Internet Reach Is Wide And Far

The cost incurred for the internet is reduced and the reach of smartphones has increased wide and far is removing all the hurdles and conduct ahead of the remote locations with access to the net.

Payment Modes

Payment modes like COD i.e. cash on the delivery facility are available and it helps the industry of e-commerce is growing further with the customer choice for virtual shopping. Even the use of credit cards will be further introduced for another renowned payment mode while shopping virtually as many people are aware of its welfare.

The Extent To Fewer Internet Access Locations

 In remote areas, a huge number of people will be opting for virtual shopping as they have a very limited facility for shopping virtually. They will review this a favor as they will bring them close to their dearest dealers without taking the discomfort of movable extended distance.

User Experience Is Supreme

The sector of e-commerce is growing and improving. So, as it grows and improves, the owners and dealers give their best to assemble its range with the needs of the user, which includes the delivery speed, options of return, various payment methods, etc. Since Leadzap is the leading E-commerce website development companies in Delhi who are competing well with its competitors and provides the best services to their clients.

Customized Solutions

Since e-commerce is attempting to provide customized services so that the user gets the best experience. This will help owners and dealers to sell the best products to their customers worldwide.

Possible Threats to ecommerce in India

 Each business and model of business faces a lot of problems. But the way we handle and overcome these problems defines whether we will survive or not. One of the crucial things is that owners of the business should understand these problems before starting their business. Few problems which are very important to understand are given below:


The main issue is India lags in technology offers that they select to supply-as they have not made development in reaching out wide and far. The main section for the e-commerce company is to have good internet connectivity. Most of the Indian population stays in rural areas and only 0.5% of the Indian population has strong access to an internet connection.

Branding and marketing are the most expensive activity in setting up a website of e-commerce. It is a difficult work to make goodwill in the market and make sure that it reaches the targeted customers. It is very important to do the branding so that it can reach the targeted customers.

There are many e-commerce website development companies who are present in the market and they are quite similar and this is why competition is increasing a lot. Due to which many companies are providing good deals, reduction in price offers on quality services which helps clients to avail best help which will benefit them the most.

Shipping and Supply Chain: Logistics plays a vital role, if there is an error in this then that company gets blacklisted forever. A company needs to keep a return convenience so that their product looks more genuine.

The industry of e-commerce is growing at an unexpected rate. So, the scope is beyond limits. The limits are discussed as:

Influence of Social media

E-commerce website companies should provide their products on all platforms. Few of the platforms of social media support the virtual business.

Mobile applications

By this time, every company implements their company over mobile apps. This will activate the zones of e-commerce companies.

Google buttons

Shortly Google buttons will further propellant individuals’ quest for new techniques to shop, whereas they can buy products with just a click on the button.


The drone is the brand-new system in the e-commerce industry. It will help to bring the product delivery on the same day keeping away the headache and weight of conventional systems.


 It is another important aspect that will influence the eCommerce scope. All the investors are on a hunt to invest in AI. AI means improving e-commerce.

App-Only Approach

Nowadays, many people switch to design mobile apps even though they have their webpage.

E-commerce website development companies offer all types of solutions for website designing. As this industry is growing at a rapid rate although they face threats still the industry of e-commerce is reaching heights.

10 Best Web Technologies for E-Commerce Web Development in 2020

10 Best Web Technologies for E-Commerce Web Development in 2020

10 Best Web Technologies for E-Commerce Web Development in 2020

In the current situation, the crucial thing is to create a bond with your expected customers or the existing ones. Apps and websites have become necessary for corporates and business entities where they can exhibit their goods, services, purpose, and brand. For this, they require a website that is designed properly with apps overflowing with features. The modern technologies of the web have achieved a height where they do not need to design a website or app from scratch.

The top 10 Best Web Technologies for eCommerce Web Development in 2020 are:

It is the most renowned e-commerce platform concerning B2C & B2B consumers. The company is a robust SEO platform with many functions that can be customized easily. The capability of Magento to combine with products and services of 3rd party makes it popular among the customers.

It is the most renowned constant evolving technology and SEO compliant for e-commerce website development. Apart from this make attractive templates, they have many add-ons with their responsive checkout. Another best service is clients can use Bitcoins for making payments.

It is the best choice for the threat of free setups. It provides e-commerce plugin for free that can combine with WordPress which allows owners of stores to sell their services and products easily. In Reality it is evaluated that 30% of online stores are dependent on the WooCommerce plugin.

It is quite a renowned company due to many additional functions and features like SEO, but-in blogging, and providing customer support 24*7.

It is a simple and practical CMS for e-commerce hold by extraordinary developers. Its traits include many plug-ins with back-end. CSS editing is doing inside admin. 

It is an extraordinary platform for online content marketing. It can implement blog integration and SEO strategy easily as it can integrate with the framework of Drupal CMS.

It is used widely due to its many features with either being an interface that can be used easily. Although its add-on store is not as big as Shopify and has no availability of blog they provide customized services.

It is one of the 1st present open-source platforms with a huge support database. It is popular because it can be installed easily and its interface can be used easily. Although few users find the software and design a bit outdated.

It is best for small businesses. It operates on HTML who has a small footprint but supports many currencies.

It allows you to create websites that are attracted to rich templates and images. Their clients have full control over product variants, shipping configurations, inventories, and generating coupons. It infuses all the important tools to make a general e-commerce store.

10 Must-Have Tools For Your Ecommerce Website 

10 Must-Have Tools For Your Ecommerce Website

Tools that will make your e-commerce website operate like a well-lubricated machine are discussed below:

1. Acquire Live Chat

With the help of the Live chat tool, it becomes easy for the business to communicate easily with its customers. Customers can seek any kind of help like searching for the correct product or any technical support through Live Chat software which provides them live confirmation of your product or service. The best features of this tool are screen sharing, live video assistance, and live text.

2. Mento

With the help of this tool, it helps you in automating your social marketing to pilot your sale. This tool helps you to connect your online stores with your accounts of social media by making promotions of products efficiently and simply. The best features of this tool are to schedule your posts before time, professional posts and tweets, and many social networks.

3. MailChimp

This tool helps you to learn about what your clients are buying; this will help you generate better emails targeted for them. The best features of this tool are flexible and complex API proof, flexible designs, and 100’s of apps you are using.

4. Referral Candy

This tool helps many brands to grow sales and referral rates of clients. The best features of this tool are they help in generating new customers, they provide clients with their link and makes it easier and gives you the flexibility to make and set rewards and incentive programs.

5. Betaout

 This tool optimizes the emails for functionality, conversion in a better way, and increase engagement. The best features of this tool are excellent team support, the correct time to connect features, and customer segments.

6. Metrilo

This tool updates the statuses of orders in real-time. The best features of this tool are checkout completions, profit per person, client LTV, the average value of the order, and rates of conversion by devices. 

7. Wigzo

 This tool converts data into prophetic insights and even suggests the best arrangement channel which suits your marketing actions. The best features of this tool are exit intent, the recommendation of the product, and 360- degree profiling of users.

8. Google Analytics

It is the best way to keep track of the information on your e-commerce website. It will help you to collect information to see which traffic source is profitable or useful. The best features of this tool are a rate of conversion, total profit, number of products sold, total transactions, the average value of orders, and visits to these transactions.

9. Crazy EGG

It gives you an exceptional and edge over competitors to enhance your website without paying more for it. This tool helps to create a website that your customers and users will love. The best features of this tool are Scroll Map, Overlay, Confetti, and Heatmap.

10. Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is the best way to enhance your sale. This will make your online business easy to reach many people. It even keeps track of the results of advertisements across many devices. The best features of this tool are track actions of customers on your website, set up a page, boost the page so that it can reach many people, reach customers you already know by using the right tools of your Facebook business and choose a proper set of audience.

E-commerce Website Creation Cost: How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost in Delhi? 

The entire cost of an e-commerce website varies from company to company, it entirely depends on the kind of platform the client wants, the expectation of stores, and many other factors. But there are many options available for making it possible for businesses to afford it in their budget. The cost incurred on infrastructure is the most important tool for designing an e-commerce website. This enables your website to work and build your client’s user experience. Few of the common cost of infrastructure is discussed below:

Commerce Software

There are two options for companies who want to start on an e-commerce project those are- either start from scratch or buy an e-commerce platform. Starting from scratch is very expensive and needs extensive resources and knowledge. Instead, it is better to buy an e-commerce platform like Magento, BigCommerce, and many more.

Domain Name 

This cost is experienced every year; it should be renewed every year. To purchase a domain name for several years one should save money.

SSL Certificate

This certificate is mandatory for e-commerce websites. This is the key certificate that helps customers to know that it is safe to enter data payment and their details in the cart for your e-commerce store.

Payment Processing Costs

A percentage of money for the sale is given to the payment processor like PayPal, credit card companies, or some other entity.

Store Theme And Designs: 

E-commerce website development price even includes products and work required for supporting user experience and make sure your brand shines in an online platform. Hence, it is important to pay standard costs for design.

Add Ons And Extensions:

These are how you add features to your website. From galleries and forums to PPC marketing, newsletters, chat service, and extensions can smoothen many businesses facing process or customer-facing.

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frequently ask questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you also provide service outside Delhi?

Ans: Yes absolutely! Leadzap provides service worldwide. Our team also ensures that our clients do not face any hurdle in dealing with us even from any remote places.

Q2. How much time is needed for designing an e-commerce website?

Ans: It requires approximately 4-6 weeks on an average to design an e-commerce website. However, sometimes it depends and may vary based on the number of feedbacks received and editing to be done as per the client’s requirements.

Q3. I want to develop an e-commerce website for my business. How much will it cost me?

Ans: The cost of an e-commerce website development depends on its features and design. Leadzap provides a range of packages from Basic, Standard, and High-End. We understand the basic goals and objectives of the client’s website and suggest the best package which has the highest return on investment (ROI) as per that.

Q4. How much customization can you provide for my website?

Ans: A 100% customization is possible. At Leadzap, we understand that every business is unique and has a unique set of goals and needs. Keeping that in mind, our team thrives to provide each client with a satisfactory unique, and fully customized websites

Q5. Can I make changes or customizations after my website has been made?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible to make changes in the customization of the design or features even after the website has been developed. However, the changes made later in the design or features might cause additions to the total costs.

Q6. Will you provide support after the site is developed, if I have issues?

Ans: Don’t worry! Leadzap does not leave its clients confused after developing the websites. Our team provides regular website maintenance and support related services. We are just an email away for any help related to upgrading of features, regular maintenance, and updates.

Q7. Will you teach me how to operate, use, and manage my website after it has been developed by you?

Ans: Yes. Bothe guidance and training related to the effective usage of the website, putting out content or videos or images, etc is provided from our end. Leadzap is always happy to help.

Q8. Will you teach me how to operate, use, and manage my website after it has been developed by you?

Ans: Yes. Bothe guidance and training related to the effective usage of the website, putting out content or videos or images, etc is provided from our end. Leadzap is always happy to help.

Q8. Who will provide content for my website?

Ans: Content needs to be provided from your end. However, you can also opt for the content service package provided by Leadzap.

Q9. What eCommerce platform will be used to create my eCommerce website?

Ans: We have expertise in Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto eCommerce to build eCommerce websites.

Q10. Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for the services provided?

Ans: Yes. Leadzap is a result-driven leading digital marketing agency. We aim to provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our services related to website designing and development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and other services. We have a history to provide unmatched support for our services.

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