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Many of today’s business owners, who might not be from a business background find it difficult to know and understand various challenges in running a successful business. There comes the role of a business coach. The best business coach in India are catalysts who have expertise in entrepreneurship and can use their talent to escalate business success. These experts help business owners and professionals and help them to identify their strengths and weakness and then work on these challenges.

When we think about a coach, one might just picturise some suited up motivational speaker narrating his or her experience amidst an audience. But they are more than just an orator and can help you achieve your long term goal in your business. Not just a business, these coaches even help professionals struggling to earn appraisals.

Business coaches introspect and research upon the business working and then as a counselor and guide they offer tips, advice, and strategies to overcome the limitation in the setup. They use algorithms and tools to provide a checklist and then set up a do’s and don’ts in the working of the concern. These practical solutions when followed helps to build confidence in the business.

Top 10 Business Coaches in India

The popularity of Business Coaches in India are increasing day by day. There is a long list of best business coaches in India. Let’s look at the leading top 10 Business Coaches in India.

Dr. Vivek Bindra ( )

Dr. Bindra is one of the best Business Coach in India. He is an international motivational and leadership speaker and trainer. With a client base of more than 1500 across the globe, this man is empowering business solutions with Bhagwad Gita references. He is also known to have worked with India’s high profile entrepreneurs and has helped them excel and take their organization to new heights. He has various awards like “The Best Leadership Trainer in Asia” by Marshall Goldsmith in his name. He also holds a record under the Golden Book of World Records for training the largest gathering of HR professionals under one roof. He is also coming up with amazing new content and inspiring case studies in his social media accounts which makes his accounts the world’s most subscribed entrepreneurial channel. He is currently running various courses that help small businesses and professionals to give practical solutions and learning to the various problems faced by entrepreneurs. He has also started offering skill training to small entrepreneurs to reinvent business profitability and sales and thereby providing an ecosystem where these amateur new entrepreneurs can solve their day to day problems by themselves.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni ( Patni Personality Plus Pvt Ltd )

He is a corporate and leadership coach with 7 motivational books in 12 Indian languages under his name. He is one of the most celebrated international best business coach in india and an author as well. He runs a show called The Ujjwal Patni Show which is free and streams on his social media accounts and inspires more than millions of people throughout the world. He also holds 3 Guinness World Records and his YouTube channel has been awarded Gold Creator Award. He was a dentist by profession but had bigger goals of educating and inspiring people so that they can reach their long term goals.  He has coached various celebrities, industrialists, politicians, and social figures. He runs various seminars throughout 100+ cities in the world and he has a huge client base for his various training programs like Excellence Gurukul, Profit Gurukul, and VIP. He and his team are one of the most featured entities in different newspapers and other media. His books like Jeet Yaa Haar-Raho Taiyaar, Winners and Losers, Network Marketing Judo, and Great Word Win hearts have been popular bestsellers and acclaimed huge following throughout the world.

Saurabh Kaushik ( )

He is a business coach who has worked with leading industrialists, top Fortune 500 businessmen, and celebrity entrepreneurs. He has a wide range of business analytical expertise and his client believes during critical business turnarounds. He is known to bring a positive transformation in the most complex business environment.

Unlike other business coaches, he works mostly in one-on-one live sessions. He makes his coaches sync their thought process and efforts to bring out the organic impact in both life and business. He is said to have tripled the growth of various companies that were struggling to survive earlier. His program includes clarity about work, vision about the goals, and direction to execute the goals. He defines a long term step by step road map for his clients, which enables them to run a business in alignment. Without any marketing gimmick or flash sales, he has helped his clients to grow their net worth a hundred folds. Reliance Group, Tata Group of Hospitality, Hindustan Unilever, DLF, and Amazon India are a few of the esteemed client of Mr. Kaushik.

Professor Parag Shah ( Foundation for Liberal and Management Education, FLAME )

An educationist who is also an entrepreneur has been known for his visionary leadership skills. His unique hybrid coaching methods are suited to the business as well as the owner running it. The professor focuses on the entrepreneur’s intrinsic talents and ability to make the business run. He has coached various SMEs and corporates from an initial stage to a stage where they have achieved success. He has been a chief mentor to MIDAS ( Management, Innovation, Design, Arts & Social Sciences ) a place that is best in grooming and creating entrepreneurs. He has been awarded the “ Visionary Leadership Award” by the DNA group and “ Icon Of Education” by the Minister of Education, Maharashtra. In 2016, he also received “Business Acharya of the year” by entrepreneurs magazine. Professor has a dream of making 10000 entrepreneurs who will thereby provide crores of people’s livelihood. He wants to empower the young population of the country towards a better future. His inspiring journey is documented in a book called “Antarprerna” where he explains his vision to ‘Dream Big, Dare to Fail’.

Vandana Shah ( The Chrysallis )

Vandana Shah is a Marshall Goldsmith certified coach and a keynote speaker based in Mumbai. She is a life coach, best business coach in india, an executive coach, a leadership coach, and corporate trainer. She is also the first woman to attain a license as a Group Coach from an International institute. She has been working for more than 250+ clients mainly the CEOs, CXOs, and leadership teams. She is known to be best in resolving various concerns like increasing productivity, improving business relationships, promoting innovation, and much more. Chrysalis has also partnered companies and collaboration in the USA and Western Europe and has clients in more than 10 countries. She also learned the human brain and behavioral neuroscience which gives her an upper edge in understanding the client’s nature and requirements. She has this high experience in enabling self-discovery, accelerating growth in individuals, and eliminating confusion. She coaches the organization as a whole to be highly effective and productive. She has been through various personal struggles which have made her analyze the importance of counseling in life and how a coach can add value to a struggle and framework of a business. She builds an aura of positivity by eliminating negative elements from the DNA of the organization.

Rahul Jain ( Business Coaching India LLP )

He started his career by working at TATA MOTORS after which he worked at diversified companies which gave him a lot of exposure. He also worked with new companies and thus he designed business and marketing strategy from scratch. He has trained all levels of employees from entry-level employees to senior-level employees, government employees, and entrepreneurs as well. It was he who brought the concept of Business coaching 16 years ago. Since then he has coached more than 17000 business owners. His goal is to provide two solutions- To run Business operations working a day a week and to double profit every year in that business. He has been coaching for a wide sector like Travel, IT, Retail, Architecture, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Event Management, Biotechnology, and other services providers. He has also coached the largest sales network of more than 10000 people from the basics in a direct marketing company. He offers special workshops to entrepreneurs, completing which the business owner has a clear understanding and a detailed plan of how to successfully run its operations,

Vikram Dhar ( Vikram Dhar Coaching Academy )

Mr. Dhar is the only trainer in India who is a certified NLP trainer as well as a Certified Meta NLP trainer. His NLP certification is accredited by the American Board of NLP ( US ) and Association of NLP( UK ),  He is a mentor coach at International Coach Federation ( ICF ). John Mattone ( Former coach of the late Steve Jobs ) has personally trained, mentored, and certified him. He has won various awards for being the best coach and has trained participants from Dubai, USA, Sweden, Italy, Saudi, Slovakia, Malaysia, Arabia, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, UK, Kuwait, Philippines, Guatemala, Jordan, India and many more. He was one of the top 100 global coaches who were awarded by the World Coaching Body 2017 and 2020. He offers various programs like- leadership coaching, personal mastery, life skills coaching, peak performance coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, sales Mastery coaching, Neurolinguistics Programming. He is known for his advanced cutting edge coaching tools which work with various neuroscientists and behavior-based experts. He is counted as one of the top business coaches in India.

Snehal Kamble ( Snehalniti )

Owner of the NehalNiti brand which is also a pillar of my success in leadership throughout the world. Being from a Maharashtrian background, Mr. Kamble’s major goal is to empower over lakh Marathi entrepreneurs and businesses and succeed them in their venture. Mr. Kample has his own unique, energetic, and charismatic style of inspiring people who thrive to succeed in their business. He is running various business seminars,  workshops, and training programs in mostly Kolhapur, Mumbai, and Pune. In a state like Maharashtra, personal best business coach in india from Mr. Kamble is popularly known to all the business people. His approach towards a business begins with understanding the human situation and the business strategies and after which there is a work plan which is given step by step of how to operate and maximize profits. He specializes in energy speeches and interactive workshops and he connects with human situations and business structures along with and can innovate and redesign and give shape to a new vision profit-making entity out of it. His venture SnehalNiti has already provided services to more than 3lakh individuals and has a clientele range of more than 30 industries

Sridhar Laxman ( Lucid Minds Coaching )

An executive coach with no years of work experience working alongside C-Suite and high-level business executives to empower them in achieving success. He is one of the wells versed in not only business skills but in psychology literature. His methodology helps individuals build healthy business practices which will lead to a bigger goal. He works on inner transformation and self-awareness, clarity of his clients and helps them overcome their limitations. Over the past few years, he has coached clients in Canada, the US, Germany, South Korea, Finland, Qatar, Dubai, Australia, Sri Lanka, and many such countries.

His areas of expertise are effective decision making, emotional intelligence, inner transformation, smooth conversation, impactful communications, self-confidence and reliance, life vision. Few of his reputed clients are from Accenture, GEA, Microsoft, Volvo, Honeywell, HP, Phillips, UPS, Mercedes Benz, Dell, Cisco. He also coaches in English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil language. He has become his passion to coach clients to their optimum level. He is no doubt a very popular name in coaching big corporations and executives and transforming them to thrive towards better leadership. He is one of the top business coaches for entrepreneurs in India.

S.A. Anand ( SSA Academy )

Titled as Asia’s No.1 Celebrity coach, India’s Best Celebrity Life Coach, Business Coach, Expert NLP coach, and Health Coach, Mr. Anand is one of the life-transforming celebrity life coaches. He trains how to create exceptional excellence and mastery in a short period. He has trained more than 2 lakh people throughout the globe and he also teaches a unique course of how to live 140 years and become super-rich not only financially, but physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. He has appeared on various famous television channels like Aaj Tak, IBN7, Zee Business, and India Today. He has also hosted GST on India Today, affordable Housing, FDI, Make In India, World Education Summit, and many more. He holds many Letters of Appreciation from top universities and IITs. He has a personal library that consists of more than 50000 books.

He prefers world-class academies and five-star hotels for his mentoring sessions. He trains on the following topics: NLP, Hypnosis, American Accent, life coaching, public speaking, influencing audiences, way of enlightenment, and many similar subjects like these. Before admitting to his SSA academy he conducts world-class mentoring. Unless one qualifies this session, he or she is not allowed to get enrolled in the SSA academy. He has also been a guest faculty and coach at IITs, L&T, BOT VFX, and several such companies. His forte includes training billionaires and celebrities along with advocates, doctors, professionals, CEO, VVIPS, and educators. He is said to a specialist in creating turnaround and bringing positive changes

How to Assess Whether or not you Require a Business Coach?

All the owners of the business, even the most experienced once can gain a lot from coaching. Sometimes their might come situations in business where coaching makes the difference between achieving great success or not.

Let’s discuss points on why coaches are the need of an hour.

Suppose you have started a business and giving your heart and soul to it but unable to get the desired results then a business coach can help you to find out what’s going wrong.

There are so many do’s and don’ts in business. Sometimes you might get confused about how to lead, in that case, a best business coach in india can help you to come up with a plan with the daily do’s and don’ts.

 It may happen that sometimes you are unable to meet your target which lets you down but you can’t hold anyone accountable for it. In such situations, a business coach can take accountability for it.

If at some point in time you start feeling burnt out or discouraged by your business and is not able to make decisions, a coach can help you to prioritize tasks you need to do and help you to delegate desired actions.

As your business grows you’ll want to maximize your knowledge. Coaches can help you to learn those soft skills such as leadership and negotiation with clients.

Why Should You Invest In A Good Business Coach?

Hiring a business coach involves investment. Hence, one makes sure that it brings something positive to the business. Here are some reasons for investing in the best business coach in India to make an impact on your business.

#Identify Issues in Your Business

Having a third person looking in can help to figure out what’s going wrong in the business.

#Build Confidence

 In entrepreneurship, it’s easy to lose your confidence if things do not work. A good mentor can help you to get motivated, builds up your strength, and boost your belief in you and your business

#Challenge Your Thinking

A solo business owner works only under the belief they hold which can hold them back. Whereas a coach can challenge your thinking so that you can explore more options and avoid having sabotage success.

#Expand Your Mind and Your Business

A business coach can help you to see the bigger picture and set larger goals. It is very helpful as most businesses have the potential of growing more than what they have dreamt of.

#Helps You to Get Unstuck

Sometimes we feel we are in a business rut. A best business coach in india will help you figure out where you are stuck and get you all excited and moving.

#Help You to Prioritize Your Tasks

A coach can help you to identify the actions to focus on and give you time management strategies.

#Offer accountability

A coach will expect you to take actions on the plan you established and call you on it if you don’t follow through

#Help you to Come up With Ideas

Coaches have the expertise to come up with new ideas. They will find all tricks to help you to make your business a success

#Sounding Board for Brainstorming and Getting Feedback

If you have some ideas or just want feedback, a coach can listen and share some thoughts on it.

#Give Guidance and Share Expertise

As a business expert a coach can give you tips and advice that will help you to do things better.

5 Qualities to Look for in a Good Business Coach

The market of business coach is flourishing day by day with increase in people who pursue coaching as a profession. But, finding a good business coach that brings good return on investment to your business can be quite an overwhelming task.

Here are few tips you should look for while finding a quality business coach for your business.

The Coach Should Be a Great Listener and Should Ask Questions

A coach should offer a personalized plan based on your needs and goals and to do that the coach must listen and ask questions to learn about you.

The Coach must be Specialized in his/her Niche

There can be instances in your business when you can need a hand in something specific like production or marketing. You should choose your specialized coach with experience according to your needs.

The Coach Must be Challenging

The best business coach in india will challenge you, especially if you are not following through. But you should feel comfortable with your coach.

The Coach Must Provide a Strategy or Plan to Reach Your Goals

The good business coach should provide you a blueprint or help you in creating a roadmap to success rather than just providing their systems to guide you to where you want to go in your business

The Coach Must have References

The very best way to find a suitable coach is through referrals from people you know and trust. If you find a coach from some other way, ask for references that you can contact to get input about the coach.

9 Traits to Look for in a Great Business Coach

Every entrepreneur needs a coach because the fastest way to learn any business is to study someone successful in it. One must absorb all the information that one can out of them.

Here are 9 traits to look for in a great business coach.

It is the most important trait to look for in someone’s resume. A person who has experienced different phases in life and has a great deal of experience to share with his clients is an ideal match. He would have both failed and succeeded. Their insights developed from real-life experiences will help you to avoid making heavy mistakes and increase your chances of success.

It is well said that a Great attitude comes with great experience and time. The right coach can see the bigger picture. They don’t get too upset or too happy. They are very patient and also persistent and determined.

An entrepreneur can only learn the most from someone willing to be radically transparent. The best coach is always willing to share his experiences good or bad for us to see the bigger picture.

It is important for a coach to expertise in his field. We do see many resumes in which coaches offer a long list of services give lectures, writes books give interviews, etc.  In that case exercise caution.

A great coach must always be accessible to you and willing to customize a plan for you. He should care about your problems and concerns. He should give you a fair amount of time. They should always be upfront for any kind of discussion.

A Great coach will have long-standing contacts with people who can benefit you. Sometimes it is just about who you know, in that case, ask them if they can open the doors for you.

Every coach expects something from the clients. A great coach will keep you accountable by outlining what they need from you, time, and action-wise. If they don’t ask what you are capable of- that’s a red flag to them. Never appoint them.

Teaching is like wine, the skills get better over some time. A good mentor enjoys his art of teaching and loves to help everyone.

A great coach will not simply let you disappear. Sometimes, things tend to get in the way and cause hurdles. A good coach also keeps an eye on how good or bad you are doing things.

Business Coaching Services | Best Business Coach in India

Here are some of the leading business coaching services which are available.


EMyth is a renowned business coaching service, especially for small-scale business enterprises.

EMyth offers a comprehensive program that emphasizes results, consistency, and freedom. They provide unique programs which connect systems with one to one mentorship to foster not only the overall growth of the business but also your growth as a leader.

#Jay Abraham         

Jay Abraham provides a remarkable coaching experience to marketers and small business owners.

Abraham balances situational coaching with curriculum-based coaching. We need to learn his curriculum first then chat with him about your business situations and then receive a framework and advice in return.

#Building Champions

Building champions deals with small business owners, managers, teams.

They have a unique style of working. Firstly one needs to take personal business coaching from one of their trainers, attend an inspirational event, coordinate a team workshop, or conduct a team assessment to powerfully transform how your team functions and communicates.

#Vanguard Business Coaching

It is best for entrepreneurs, small scale business owners, and marketers.

This institution follows an interesting way of coaching. One needs to complete a form first and then coach Andy Turner promises to find a minimum of $10000 in additional revenue for your business with just one 45-minutes conversation by focusing on strategically marketing your business.

#Melinda Emerson

This coaching service is especially best for female entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Emerson has coached some of the biggest brands of the world be it from American Express to Staples and Sam’s club. She offers services including global SMB insights, engagement strategies for women business owners, and marketing execution.


Noomii services are suitable for everyone.

 It browses the largest dictionary of life, career, and executive coaches on the web. It has resources in 50 countries. So no matter where you stay, you’ll be connected.

#Action COACH

Action COACH is also best for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

To pair you with your perfect coach Brad Sugars’ slick site will as few questions about you and your business. After that one can go working through their most systematic coaching methods to overcome the challenges of maintaining a balanced business. They even provide complimentary coaching sessions to convince you fully.

#Strategic Coach

This service is also most suitable for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this, one needs to choose from either the Strategic Coach Signature program or the 10x Ambition Program. Both of them offer strategies for the important aspects of your business and give a roadmap to grow your company quickly and sustainably.Anthony John Amyx

This service is best for salespeople, managers, and other business professionals who are looking to accelerate their careers.

Anthony John Amyx highly specializes in helping the businessmen or professionals with breaking through the earning caps. He also guides his clients to take control of their time.

#Barry Moltz

Since 1990, Barry Moltz has specialized for SMB owners, family businesses, and entrepreneurs right after he left IMB.

He identifies the root cause of your business issues and makes recommendations you can implement immediately.

#Leadership & Sales Academy

It is best suitable for sales ledger, managers, and executives.

The institute has expert coaches of different arenas like sales management, leadership coaching, and management consulting. You’ll work towards building the right team, making more productive decisions to achieve your goals with one of their expert coaches.

#Karl Bryan

Karl Bryan is the man you need if you want to grow your business coaching program.

He is highly specialized in retaining clients longer. He mentors you with this art along with receiving payments for each service you render, and sign more clients quickly. Through strategic sales and marketing efforts, Bryan makes your business booming.

#CEO of your life

This one is best for anyone interested in life coaching. Melissa Dawn is an author, speaker, and coach in this.

It has many popular online coaching programs that are flexible and will help you to determine your core values, your life purpose, and how to create a big picture vision.

#John Mattone

Mattone is the author of “Powerful Executive Coaching: A Roadmap to Unleashing Greatness in Your Current & Future Leaders “. His intelligent leadership coaching is best suitable for small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales leaders, managers.

This program includes four powerful phases and several game-changing pillars leading to meaningful achievements in your work.

#Small Business Coach Associates

It is best for small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers.

 It provides coaching on how to start a new venture, how to grow it, and how to train your employees. You will learn to overcome day to day issues including cash flows, competition, and employee management through coaches who are specialized in dealing with small business tactics and strategies.

#Erin Henry

Henry is a personal branding strategist passionate about helping women from all walks of life to feel empowered and to build businesses that they love.

#Business Success Solution

This is open to anyone looking to remove roadblocks in the paths of their success. Coach Loren Fogelman who is a business owner and a mental health therapist, helps you to identify and clear the obstacles to your success. He works with you to understand your values, impact, lighten your workload, and embrace the messiness of success.


It is best suitable for entrepreneurs and managers. Mindshop provides access to its pre-built tools, workshops, and coaching solutions. They help us to stay up-to-date with new business trends and get cost-effective online coaching.

#Prestige Business Coaching

Robert Viney has 34 years experience of in running his own successful business and now he is focused on sharing his experiences and knowledge with other business owners. He offers comprehensive best business coach in india and mentoring services.

#The Startup Expert

Tommi Wolfe, the coach of the academy provides us with a list of courses and live events to make us learn how to jumpstart your startup’s success.

If you are worried about your sales revenue, advertisement of products, or not finding clients quickly, you should try it and see.

#Sheri Kaye Hoff

Hoff provides coaching in business growth, leadership skills, mindset mastery, and business growth.

Hoff helps entrepreneurs or business owners to discover a clear roadmap for taking your business to the next level.

#Mom Biz Coach

This is best suitable for stay at home moms, female entrepreneurs, businesswomen.

The coach Lara Galloway specializes in helping mom entrepreneurs to find success and happiness in the blended role of CEO of their businesses and families. They provide one-to-one mentoring for you to learn to make powerful decisions, defining your priorities, and moving forward with your business and life with utmost confidence.

A Few Head-Turning Business Coaching Statistics

Many satisfied owners are quick to talk about many benefits and advantages that they enjoyed throughout the process of working with business coaches to develop and grow their business, and several surveys have also been conducted highlighting the results of such services.

Few meaningful businesses coaching statistics from these surveys include:-

1. A study was done in 2001 by Manchester Inc. that entrepreneurs which employed a business coach saw an average return on their investment of 5.7 times the amount that they paid for the services.

2. Personnel Management Association conducted a report which showed that executives who received both training and coaching were able to increase their productivity by 86% compared to a 22% increase in productivity by executives who received training alone.

3. 40% of Fortune 500 companies make use of best business coach in india to train and develop their executives. This report was made by A Hay Group.

4. MetrixGlobal LLC’s study showed that businesses that paid for coaching saw a $7.90 return for every $1.00 spent on those services.

5. 53% of owners and executives report that it increased their productivity.

6. 61% of owners said that it increased their job satisfaction.

7. 21% of executives report that business coaching helped them reduce operational costs.

8. 22% of the companies said that business coaching increased their profitability.

9. 67% of business owners and executives report that best business coach in india increased their teamwork skills within their business.

Such statistics shine a spotlight on the real-world value that a business coach can offer. Money spent on Coaching services is an investment and time and time again it is proven that coaching delivers significant returns in a variety of key areas.

What do Small Business Coaches do? | Best Business Coach in India

A business coach is a person who works with you to understand you and your business and identify strengths and weaknesses in your business. He helps you so that you can find solutions to overcome problems real and imagined. He also guides you in setting and achieving your desired goals.

Small business coaches not only offer business tips, advice, and strategies but also, act like a counselor helping you to overcome your fears while building your confidence.

Every coach is different and their style of delivering their services is different too, but in general, they use a combination of talking with you, asking you questions, listening to you nicely, guiding you throughout the process, giving you homework, and maybe checklists.

Most of the time, business coaching is action-oriented. The business coach creates a plan of action for your business with your inputs. You are then expected to follow the said plan of action in the manner as decided.

Famous Entrepreneurs Who had Business Coaching

You may be surprised to know that some of the world’s most famous and successful business owners and entrepreneurs have relied on the best business coach in India at some point in their time to help them to achieve their goals.

Eric Schmidt- formerly CEO of Google- complimented before that hiring the best business coach in India was the best professional decision he ever made. He admits that he was not ready at first as he was already a successful CEO of a rapidly growing company, but after some urging, he took the decision of which he is proud of.

According to Schmidt, everyone needs a business coach. He said the Google board members convinced him to work with a business coach and indeed he was amazed by the results.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and countless others are some famous executives and entrepreneurs who have benefited from business coaching.

Business coaching is such an essential resource that is gaining popularity with each passing day. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs swear by it because of such added advantages they bring into the business.

How Can a Small Business Coach Help a Home-Based Business?

Most business owners start their ventures on a small budget. DIYing every aspect from planning to marketing. This way of handling a business isn’t bad if you have come from a business background, you’re not likely to know everything there’s to know about running a successful business. And when things go wrong, you might not have the capability to figure out what’s not working. This is where a small business coach can help you. They can provide you with a roadmap to follow to achieve your goals and also help you to advice you in many crucial decisions.

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