How Much Does The UPSC & IAS Coaching Center In Delhi Charge Fees?

gmat coaching in delhi

the UPSC coaching center in Delhi transferred from one institution to the next. After allNonetheless, a sensible organization charges between Rs 1,00,000/ to 2,35,000/ for UPSC courses.

The complete expense of UPSC planning in Delhi incorporates convenience, food, and different offices that you profit from. An extensive IAS course charge structure covers each of the three phases (PRE+MAIN+INTERVIEW) of the Civil Services Exam arrangement.  Find the Best Coaching Center in your City visit:- What After College

Probable costs for UPSC Coaching Center in Delhi

Teaching fees for Prelims and Mains can be linked with Rs. 1,00,000-1,50,000 or more. Expecting that someone is moving to another city for the course of action, it will basically cost another Rs. 1,50,000 yearly for food/accommodation.

The expense of construction of each foundation is unique. Here, we have uncovered the charges of each top IAS training in Delhi.

About 50% of students appear from private coaching centers. To provide you with an approximate idea, we offer you a range. It is important to note that the IAS academy (affiliated with the IAS association) charges approximately one-third of other coaching institute fees. Also, it is worth considering that quality is far superior at IAS as compared to other institutes and no compromise has been made on that front. We have even subsidized our fee structure and are still among the most affordable IAS academies.

Coaching for optional subjects

Around 35000 to 1 Lakh, contingent upon sort of arrangement and term. Remember that if you have any desire to show up just for the Civil Services test you can pick self-review programs, that might cost around 12000.

Those incorporate books, programs, and other material. A large portion of them accompanies updates also so that is one advantage over private foundations where you need to pay consistently or two years extra to refresh your books or notes.

Competitors searching for the ideal locations to begin their UPSC readiness can join any of the recorded UPSC Coaching Institutes in Delhi.

Rank 1: Vajirao & Reddy Institute | The Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Vajirao and Reddy Institute is a Top institute in Delhi that focuses on offering the best IAS Coaching in India for Civil Services Examination, led by UPSC. It was established in 1989; since then, the institute has proven itself in civil services and always has been in highlight. That too, not just in Delhi, but all over India. If you are considering IAS Coaching in Delhi, here’s your Best Shot of clearing the IAS exam.

Vajirao & Reddy Institute guarantee a comprehensive IAS Exam Preparation through their excellent faculty consisting of senior personnel, profoundly experienced subject specialists, result-oriented materials, and the most comprehensive study material for the courses. It can be considered as an ideal spot for seeking mentorship toward a better future. It provides exceptional training for top outcomes, offering total Civil Services Exams planning at every one of the three levels – UPSC Preliminary Test, UPSC Main Examination, and Personality Test.

Vajirao and Reddy IAS Coaching in Delhi has been rated as Best IAS Coaching in 2021 by aspirants as well. The selection rate has also been promising since last year, which draws many aspirants for the institute’s comprehensive program every year. Also, the guidance available at all three levels of the exam makes it a bingo for everything found in one place!

  • UPSC CLASSROOM COACHING: Classroom Course for Prelims and Mains. For CSAT, General Studies, History, Public Administration, and Geography for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation.
  • UPSC POSTAL COURSE: For the aspirants living in distant areas or are busy with their work lives and unable to usethe classroom guidance program, Postal Course is the best option one can opt for.
  • UPSC WEEKEND BATCHES: Weekend batches are specially for working professionals. Because of the different nature of work everyone can’t have access to the classes every day. So, keeping this in mind, the following course has been introduced.
  • UPSC TEST SERIES: For better exam preparation and scores, the UPSC Test Series for IAS Prelims and Mains is a helpful and masterstroke towards a better understanding of your exam preparation.
Complete Course – GS Pre Cum Mains, CSAT with Optional SubjectRs.1,98,500/-11 Months
Pre-Cum Mains Course – GS Pre Cum Mains with CSATRs.1,75,000/-10 Months
Foundation Courses – Pre and Main (CSAT, Essay with Optional Subject)Rs.2,35,000/-36 Months
Optional CourseRs.48,000/-04 & Half Month
Weekend CourseRs.1,25,000/-15 Months
  • ₹10,000 discount will be applicable for one-time fees payment.
  • Fees are inclusive of GST & Study materials.

IAS Coaching in Delhi in itself is a bit expensive when compared to other parts of the Country and that is also justified as the best IAS Coaching is available in Delhi Only. The fee structure is pretty descent and around average fees for IAS Coaching in Delhi.

India’s most successful best academic and teaching team.

Around 150 selections every year.

  • Hostel facilities are available.
  • Excellent faculty
  • Test series
  • Mock test
  • Interview guidance

Small batch sizes for different courses. New batches are:

Registration: 30-Nov-2021, Offline mode, CoachingFoundation Course, Complete Course, Pre Cum Mains (G.S.)25-Nov-2021 Apply Now

01-Dec-2021, Online Coaching, General Studies Pre cum Mains, Complete Course, Foundation Course; 25-Nov-2021 Apply Now

Updated finest study materials as per UPSC syllabus trends.

WAC and the team have been working their best to provide the people with comprehensive, unbiased, and honest reviews about certain institutions. WAC has initiated the best thoughts and information available for the readers to make your search easier and clear out the blues and blurs.

  • Address: 19/1A Shakti Nagar, Nagiya Park
    Near Delhi University, New Delhi – 110007 (India)
  • Talk to Counselor: +918171181080, 9999458938
  • Telephone No.: 011-42547314
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Links:
    • FB:
    • YouTube:

Rank 2: Shankar IAS Academy in Delhi

Shankar IAS Academy Delhi for Civil Services Exam is the Best Coaching in India for the UPSC CSE Exam Preparation, Indian Forest Services Exam Preparation and IPS UPSC Preparation. The Shankar IAS Coaching also Prepares you for the Personality test (CivilIASation). This is the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for Civil Services Examination Preparation. IAS Coaching in Delhi at Shankar IAS Academy is ranked 2nd.

Shankar IAS Coaching Delhi offers Online IAS Coaching in Delhi too. With well-established branches at Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Trichy, Salem, Madurai, and Coimbatore, the Academy is the Institute of Choice for all the Civil Services Aspirants.

  • Shankar IAS Academy works on the Organized Structure to Cover Complete IAS Syllabus on Time.
  • This IAS Institute in Delhi Keeps on Updating the IAS Curriculum as per the Changing Pattern of the UPSC CSE Exam.
  • Shankar IAS Coaching Center Keeps on Conducting the Class Tests and Mock Tests for IAS Prelims, CSAT, IAS Mains.
  • Classes Schedule is Being Provided to the Enrolled Student for IAS Course on Month Prior Only.

1. GS+CSAT+Optional

2. General Studies (Prelims cum Main)


4. Optional

5. IAS Foundation Courses for UPSC Prelims cum Mains Preparation

1. GS+CSAT+Optional: 1,41,000

2. General Studies (Prelims cum Main): 95,000 

3. CSAT: 16,000

4. Optional: 30,000

Batch Size: 40

1. IAS Prelims Preparation Test Series

2. IAS Optional Preparation Test Series, 

3. UPSC Notes, class notes, Booklets, 

4. Online IAS Classes

Experienced and qualified faculties

1. 1000+ students selections

2. Live 2-way interactive sessions

3. Classes by experts

4. Scientific Mentoring Program (1st in India)

5. 15+ years of excellence

6. Hostel Accommodation facility available

7. Well-developed student portals for their comfort and need

Pros of Shankar IAS Academy in Delhi:

Professionalism: They are very professional. They put up a schedule in the mobile app, take classes regularly, and cover up as much as possible. During my days, we had Chennai floods, and hence my classes were canceled for a few days. But they took pain to correct the answer papers of students who were writing mains during that time.

Fee: The fee is cheap in comparison with Delhi. G.S. + optional came around 90k

Test series: I found the test series of both prelims and mains good. With mains, the correction was always one on one. Chandru, the sir, used to correct my papers for 20 mins, taking the pain to read every line and give comments. The same goes for many teachers.

Faculty: they are fantastic. You need some help, and they’ll be there. Shankar sir is very much reachable. You’d find him having tea in the nearby tea shop during break times when you can have a conversation.

Cons of Shankar IAS Academy:

Ethics: Their ethics program needs a serious revamp. Mitra sir taught for three classes, and it wasn’t at all helpful.

Writing practice: this doesn’t happen in the course. I started to write answers only during my mains prep. But if you write answers at home and get them corrected, it’d be helpful.

  • Address: Upper Ground Floor, 25, Pusa Rd, Delhi, 110060
  • Contact Number: +91-8899180180
  • Website:
  • Web Links:
    • For enrolment:
    • For Students:
  • Social Links:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • Quora:
    • Telegram:
    • YouTube :

Rank 3: Rau’s IAS Study Circle | One Of the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

The Study Circle was created by Dr. S. Rau in 1953 as an independent body to establish a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence. The most challenging competitive Exam in the country, i.e., the Indian Administrative Service Exam. Which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam.

Study Circle has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. With a passion for excelling, the Study Circle has raged with the dynamism of a river that constantly renews itself and yet remains unchanging in its resolve to reach its ultimate destination. Rau’s impart extensive Coaching as well as assistance for Prelims, mains along with personal interview tests.

  • Limited batch size
  • Expert IAS faculty members
  • Excellent record of past results with maximum selections
  • The upgraded and excellent study material
  • Individual student approach.

1. General Studies ( Pre-Cum-Main Integrated)

2. Optional (Mains)

3. Prelims Test Series 2021

4. Mains Test Series 2021

5. Interview Guidance

6. Essay Test Series 2021

1. General Studies ( Pre-Cum-Main Integrated): 1,55,000+500 (Registration)

2. Optional (Mains): 48,000 + 500 (Registration)

3. PRE-TEST SERIES & QIP (PRE-2021): (Comprehensive Revision Module)– Rs 15,000, for Rau’s ex-students – Rs 7,500, (Speedy Revision Module) – Rs 10,000, For Rau’s ex-students – Rs 5,000


Batch Size: Less than 90 students in one class

1. Current Affairs

2. Booklist

3. Blogs


Faculty: Experienced educators, competent administrators, and dedicated researchers.

● Hostel: No information was mentioned

● Mess: No information was mentioned

  • Address: 309, Kanchenjunga Building,18 Barakhamba Road Connaught PlaceNew Delhi-110001
  • Contact Number: +91-1123317293, +91-2331813536, +91-2373890607
  • Website:
  • Web Links:
    • For enrolment:
  • Social Links:
    • Facebook:
    • YouTube:

Rank 4: Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching in Delhi

Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching in Delhi train Students with dedication. Vajiram and Ravi are also known for their Weekend Batches. It is the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for Civil Services Examination Preparation. Moreover, you will never find the advertisement for Vajiram and Ravi Coaching as they don’t advertise. Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching is Best IAS Coaching in Delhi.

Founded in 1970 by Professor P. Velayutham, accredited with numerous academic distinctions from India and abroad, it included an International Law Diploma, awarded by the International Court of Justice, the Hague itself. Since its foundation, the Institute has helped more than 5000 students enter the top-level commission tests, including IAS, I.F.S., I.P.S., and others.

  • Handpicked experts for quality guidance
  • Extraordinary teaching methods
  • Up to date current affair daily revisions
  • Free mock tests
  • Updated and revised study material
  • Excludes the center of Correspondence Education, established for innovating proper teaching skills.

1. CSAT program for IAS Preparation,

2. Mains Program,

3. Combo IAS program and

4. Test Series

5. Separate interview program for UPSC aspirants

1. G.S. Preliminary Cum Mains: INR 1,60,000/-

2. CSAT: INR 19,000/-

3. Optional Subjects: INR 50,000/-

4. Registration fee of INR 600/- to be paid at the time of online registration

Batch Size: 350

1. Test series (Online as well as in a classroom)

2. IAS Notes

3. Current Affair Material

1. Hostel facility available

2. Mess: No information was mentioned

  • Vajiram & Ravi is worth joining as it provides the proper guidance to every aspirant who dreams of becoming an IAS officer. Being one of the toughest Exams demands the right kind of preparation from the very first day. At Vajiram & Ravi, you will be guided by highly qualified and experienced faculty throughout the nine months.
  • You will be provided a hard copy of good quality notes for both Prelims & Mains. Very few coaching institutes provide, High-quality Test Series to test yourself and see where you stand among all the aspirants preparing there. Aspirants will get the chance to interact with lots of aspirants, and this interaction will help you widen your thinking ability and look at the same point from different angles, which will, in turn, help you in your Mains answer writing, Essay writing, and Interview.
  • In the end, remember that this Exam being the toughest requires every day of proper guidance and 100% effort. Just choose wisely not to waste the precious years of your life. Ultimately, your steps with the appropriate advice from the experienced faculty will help you achieve great heights.
  • Address: 9-B, Bada Bazar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
  • Contact Number: 011 2582 0000, 25734058
  • Website:
  • Web Links:
    • For enrolment :
    • For Students :
  • Social Links:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • Quora:
    • Telegram:

Rank 5: SRIRAM’S IAS | One of the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

SRIRAM’S IAS is a well-known name for UPSC Exam Preparation and IAS Coaching in Delhi. The Institute offers affordable IAS training to the students to help them overcome the prelims and mains of the IAS exam. Founded by Srirangam Sriram himself.

This Institute for IAS Coaching in Delhi holds more than three decades of expertise in IAS-UPSC Coaching services. It has emerged as one of the leading institutes in India and as one of the best IAS Coaching in Delhi with a vision of excellence and to develop knowledgeable and innovative leaders. This premier institute is dedicated to training the candidates under the services of expert faculty, including distinguished professors and public servants (Civil and Defense).

● Exam orientated classroom

● Indispensable study material

● Interactive learning with an accountable process

● Only Institute to provide daily digital handouts

● The immersive value study material

● Timely and personal student assessments

1. General Studies 

2. CSAT 

3. All India Prelims Test series 

4. Main Test series 

5. Mains optional Subjects 

6. Interview Guidance

1. General Studies: 1,56,000

2. CSAT: 20,000

3. All India Prelims Test series: 3600

4. Main Test series: 9500

5. Mains Optional Subjects: Rs. 50000

6. Interview Guidance: 500

Batch Size: Preliminary-300 ,Optional-50 to 70

. Offline Test series

3. Current Affairs

4. General essays

5. Multiple question choice

● Faculty:

1. Prof. Sriram Srirangam(Indian Economy)

2. Dr. B. K. Banerjee(Defence and National Security)

3. Dr. D. B. Kumar(Geography)

● Past Results:




● Hostel: No information was mentioned

● Mess: No information was mentioned

Sriram’s IAS coaching in Delhi is one such Institute that you need to look at before joining the courses. Text notes are provided before (on the first day); later, lecturers explain those notes with further briefing and examples. You have to attend the classes daily and study side by side with the teacher; otherwise, you will lose pace with the Coaching. 


● Good Infrastructure

● Easy notes

● Batch Size Good

● Fee Structure Good


● Past Year Result Not Good

● No update in a study material

Contact Details

  • Address: 22-B, Bada Bazar Marg, Pusa Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, Above Domino’s Pizza, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
  • Contact Number: +91-1142437002
  • Website:
  • Web Links:
    • For enrolment:
    • For Students:
  • Social Links:
    • Facebook:
    • Instagram:
    • Telegram:
    • YouTube:

Why online batches are in high demand for UPSC Coaching Center in Delhi

Given its cut-off point, online preparation is a guide for many worthy contenders looking to IAS at this point. As a strategy for learning, it could suit some and not others. Cautious evaluation and care ought to be done before choosing web education, in his, her, their, etc. tendency tend to standard homeroom preparing.

E-training may make students less active to maintain their coordinated attention to time. However, separate preparation will not demotivate students as they will be in a real class and should follow a tight schedule

Online CSE preparation is substantially more affordable and differs from non-participating training courses. Integrated Prelims and Mains, courses, and plan programs don’t cost more than Rs. 50,000-80,000. Online tests, series, mock tests, focus on material, Optional subject preparation, etc could cost Rs.

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